Eldub BIL, and Df'ed Kid's!!!!

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  • DwainBowman

    My super fine Eldub BIL, has a son that's been Df'ed for a long time. Last month he deeded off 1/4 of an acre of land in the back of his pasture, bought a small local built used tiny house, and got it all set up, for his son to live in. To everyone of the jw's in this area really look up to him and his stand on having NOTHING to do with his Df'ed kid's or grandkids. Yet I see them often turn down the road their girl and grandkids live on, it's a dead end road with nothing else on it, and no jw's from the area live anywhere near it. They stay for several hours at a time. Their girl says that whenever they visit, it's like nothing's wrong, and they all just have a good time. But she has to promise not to ever tell anyone about it. He did this for his son, because he's a drunk and can't keep a job, and has lost his rights to drive. This way Eldub can say no he doesn't live with us, and keep his position!!! The bit of land is on the back end of his pasture and over a hill where it can's be seen. The son can't sell it for it's land locked!!!!

    The kind of work eldub dose, he is often paid in cash. He often pocket's a pretty good pile of cash without reporting it as income, and used it for vacations and his new position on the LDC, to cover taking time away and pay the cost involved. And then he can take the cost off of his taxes!!!

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Wonderful to hear of another "shepherd" who doesn't obey the laws of the Pharisees in Warwick!

    Pity about his hypocrisy though.

  • galaxie

    He's my kind of jdub.... Hopefully one day he'll go the whole hog and clear out...!

  • pale.emperor

    This is actually good news. Hopefully he'll wake up rather than being a hypocrite though.

  • ToesUp

    In JW land it's all about appearances. We wouldn't want anyone in the congregation to see that we are all just human. I'm glad he is helping his kids but he probably would "counsel" those in the hall who are doing the same for their kids.

  • DwainBowman

    Oh he never will, leave the borg. He's been this way all the years I have known him. His nose get's harder all the time!

    He can't see his own hypocrisy. But he will enforce, on everyone else the borg's endless law's and rule's!!!

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    This hypocrisy is one of the main reasons I walked away from the organization. We had six elders. Half said I had to shun my DF'd son when he moved out of our home, because if we lived in ancient Israel, as parents we would have to cast the first stone. The other half said to go ahead and visit as a wellness check, just don't say anything in the congregation. As a true believer, I couldn't reconcile this.

  • freddo

    Yep in a cong I am very familiar with is a long time elder whose daughter got baptised and went inactive and under the radar long enough so that when her fornication and pregnancy came to light she didn't get dealt with judicially.

    She lives in the cong. territory with her partner and son right across the road from a DA'd jw. Daddy the elder goes to visit from time to time.

    Just imagine on a summers evening as he ignores the DA'd lady in her garden but embraces his baptised daughter who is "living in sin".

    Hypocrisy at its finest.

    Another elder had an adult son who was baptised and who went inactive and similarly he (the son) would visit the elder and associate from time to time.

    Now I'm happy they associate with each other but not when the same elders will shun others who have done no different to their kids but have not been protected by legalistic loopholes by daddy not reporting his kids when he would have almost certainly known what they were up to much earlier than it otherwise came to light.

    You know - the elder who would have camped outside the "son of single mom's" house to catch him out, but who buried his head when it came to his own offspring.

    Pair of shits is how I would describe them.

  • steve2

    DwainBowman - you sound like one of the gossipmongers from my old congregation.

  • DwainBowman

    HAHAHA!! No I was never a gossip, I was however the victim a few time's!!!

    I am not gossiping now, you don't know me or any of the people I am talking about!!

    I am tired of hearing about how the BIL treats other's, while doing the same thing's himself!

    Here's one more of his hypocrisy. He keep's a loaded 9mm hand gun by his bed, for protection, but he quickly tell's other's on how and why it's wrong!

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