Does anyone know why cart witnessing is not allowed at the moment??

by raymond frantz 10 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • raymond frantz
    raymond frantz

    Considering it is contacted in the open and I see other people engaging outdoors on other sales activities why is cart witnessing still not allowed? Are there any updates as regards returning to this activity any time soon ?

  • alanv

    Well they always witness in twos, so i guess it would be easy to infect your partner if you happened to have covid, and they would be standing right next to you. Plus JWs from all over the world would be exposing themselves to covid more in a busy city full of people. Their covid death rate is already 3 times the world average.

  • dropoffyourkeylee
    My JW-pioneer wife seems to like the zoom witnessing. They just spend about 3 hours in the morning chatting on zoom about whatever they want while copying out a type of form letter in longhand. Utterly a waste of time, but I don't hear any complaints about it.
  • slimboyfat

    I expect it will come back, along with regular meetings, in the next few months.

  • Biahi

    Yes, drop off your key, after all, it’s just busy work to keep them too busy to actually think about their nonsensical teachings.

  • Fisherman

    reason is covid and liability.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    They want to milk this for as long as possible as pestilence is a sign of the last days.

  • FFGhost
    I expect it will come back, along with regular meetings, in the next few months.

    Dude, you....are....dreaming.

    Everything will be shut down for at least, at the barest minimum, another year. Probably many years.

  • waton

    Wt could suspect that more confrontations will come in the future for those hapless keepers of the carts, with more savvy jwfacts educated , and/or fanatics with equal zealous delusions on the loose in the streets.

    Local CW shutdowns have happened already before.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    The WT Governing Body, GB Helpers, Bethelite members, Circuit Overseers, Pioneers, Missionaries, Special Pioneers are all a bunch of winnies/wimps/cowards! I believe all these characters fall under the group that is otherwise known as 'The Worldwide Order of Special Full-Time Servants of Jehovah’s Witnesse (The Order)'.

    This entire cast of flunkies for nearly two years have been cooped-up behind their compound gated communities or apartment dwellings afraid to venture out of doors in fear of catching the sniffles! Compare them to hero-like members of such humane organizations as the following:

    1) Doctors Without Borders

    2) The American Red Cross

    3) The International Red Cross

    4) The International Medical Corp

    5) Mèdecins Du Monte

    6) Dircect Relief Mission

    7) World Vision International

    8) Your local Police Department

    9) Your local Fire Department

    10) Your local Health Care Providers (Doctors & Nurses)

    11) Your local Food Distribution Centers (Grocery Store Workers)

    12) Some Outstanding Religious Organizations

    Many members of the above list from 1 through 12 have paid the ultimate price as they served for the best interest of their fellow man. On the other hand...'The Worldwide Order of Special Full-Time Servants of Jehovah’s Witnesse' (The Order) will only come out of there hiding places after being assured that it is safe to do so...What Chicken-Shits!

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