Good Experiences as a Jehovah's Witness

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  • teenyuck


    Our cong:

    NO dancing.....young people might rub together and end up *petting* which might lead to *heavy petting* which could lead to fornication

    NO drinking....could lead to public drunkeness. One young brother had 4 beers where beer was allowed and he was DF for it. He was *Publically Drunk* and therefore a bad influence on the rest of us. All he did was giggle the whole time. No loudness, no rowdyness, no barfing....just giggling. That was a bad influence.

    NO a *house party* they played the Beach Boys Greatest Hits over and over for 4 hours....My mother would not come and pick me up. I called crying and begged her to come get me...I hated the Beach Boys....I wanted to hear AC/DC and Van Halen. They kept playing the same LP over and over and over.

    No I cannot think of anything good. It really was all bad. From going to meetings to going out in service. Our cong was made up of a bunch of tight ass elders and their tight ass wives and kids.

  • minimus

    Having to listen to the Beach Boys for hours is cruel and unusual punishment. Your mother should be incarcerated and those that held the party should be found in contempt.

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong
    they played the Beach Boys Greatest Hits over and over for 4 hours

    You had the Beach Boys!!!!!!!!!! We would have killed for the Beach Boys!!!! All we were allowed at our parties was the Kingdom Melodies.
    But we had all 10 albums and as a special treat, and if we were really good, we were allowed to sing along with the Bethel family singing "From House to House" on side b of album 10.

    (just kidding of course. No, actually, I think there were a couple of parties like that come to think of it).

  • minimus

    There's nothing like slow dancing to "From House To House". And dirty dancing is great to "Move Ahead".

  • teenyuck

    At that party there was one young sister, Carlene, who decided to go *wild*. She wanted to dance.....everyone was terrified to dance, so she *danced* by herself. For hours the poor girl was in the middle of the living room floor with about 20 people gathered around watching.....she danced by herself. One, two, three, four, right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot.....on and on.

    Then again, she did have very large breasts. She was doing a very good rendition of what a topless dancer would do today, so perhaps that is why all the young JW boys were staring, in rapt attention....

  • drwtsn32

    I absolutely loved auxiliary pioneering when I was 15...16..17 years old! Not so much going to the doors... but I loved hanging out with my dub friends!

    I also have been guilty of signing up to aux pioneer just to get closer to my secret girlfriend.

    I also enjoyed being a literature servant and reading the Watchtower at the Sunday meeting. I took great pride in pronouncing words correctly. Unfortunately they took that privilege away from me when I became irregular in service. I also was never reappointed an MS when I switched congregations (that's ok... I hated talks anyway).

  • minimus

    How can they take away the privilege of pronouncing words correctly??? Them bastards.

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong
    How can they take away the privilege of pronouncing words correctly???

    Strange, coming from people who say Jeeehoooooveeeer.

  • teejay

    I have tons.... TONS, I tellya, of good experiences in the Truth(tm). Too many to list, actually. But they all relate to something SadElder said: they relate to the experiences I had with the good people, not the JW bs. Get-togethers, working on quick-bulids, even experiences with my friends in field service.

    Yeah, I had bad times, too, but by far most of them were good and my memories of them very fond.

  • Dimples

    I had the most awesome baby shower ever. I got all the big stuff ( stroller, high chair, car seat, etc) I didn't need to buy clothes for my son until he was 3. That was a big help and I really appreciated it.

    I had good times at the get togethers... picnics, weddings, showers ( baby and wedding )skating nite, sister slumber parties, etc. Seems everything that was pleasant and fun was outside of the kingdom hall.

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