Going To The Meetings To Give A Witness

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  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    Yeah, good luck with that BBW.


  • dozy

    Is it worth wasting a whole evening pulling on a suit and listening to a desperately tedious meeting?

    Remember - most JWs ( in the 1st world ) are 2nd / 3rd /4th generation who basically stay involved for social and family reasons. Those that do care about doctrine / history of the Society / flip flops etc are rare ( and many are out already - others will eventually figure things out for themselves ).

    There were a few videos on Youtube of a poster called "witnessnomore" who went to various Kingdom Halls and tried what the OP suggested and secretly filmed it. He literally got nowhere - people quickly terminated the conversation - and eventually the more halls he went to without results he got more and more frustrated and got rumbled ( and a court order was taken out to ban him ).

    Challenging the average JW leads to a "rabbit in the headlights" look and as other posters have said - they just refer you to the website. They couldn't care less as it isn't the reason they continue as JWs and they have been primed to avoid anything "negative" or to think for themselves. Sadly , it's a bit pointless.

  • pale.emperor

    Not that I make a habit of talking to them at the carts, but I found this method seems to get around their apostate radar...

    I ask them "So who's Jehovah? Is he, like, your prophet or something?". This makes them think I'm clueless about religion, because any theologian would know the word Jehovah.

    Then I tell them that my family are into Scientology and dont talk to me because I'm considered a "suppressive person" and "disconnected" from the religion. You'd be surprised to learn that when I said this in the past the JWs said "that's horrible". I almost broke character.

    The only time a conversation got shut down was when the JW swore blind to me that the bible doesn't advocate slavery. Of course, we all know it does. When I pointed to the scriptures he explained it away as "they were treated well, more like servants" (tell that to Hagar).

  • Onager

    I can see myself going into a Kingdom hall again for my mother's funeral, but that will be the last time. My JW siblings are all younger than me so I'll be safely dead before them.

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