marriage"equality" survey, Australia.

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  • zeb

    The Australian Govt has set out a survey to see if people are in favour of changing the marriage act to include same sex couples.

    HM here have received their papers? The survey promises to be anonymous but has a substantial bar code at the bottom... anonymous yeah right.

    The marriage act once said "two people" then a previous prime minister changed it to say "man and woman" all that is needed to amend this situation as required by the gay community is change it back again to "two people" there, done and dusted.. and millions of dollars need not be wasted on this survey which is not compulsory as is voting in Australia.

    Can anyone here who still goes to kh tell us if this has had a ruling from the platform?

    Years ago there was a referendum on 'day-light' saving and the elders said 'we would not be voting in it'. This brought a "Huh!?" from the cong as many had their livelihood affected by the imposition of so called 'day-light' saving.

    This "equality" thing has had a huge beat up from the media and the pulp magazines as well. I believe its a snow job blinding the ignorant masses to the fact that this country is sleep walking into a war in Asia......

  • atomant

    l wonder how many jw's are going to vote anonymously in this poll.l don't vote but did this time.l voted no.

  • shepherdless

    You have to be on the electoral roll to "vote" in this survey. A lot of JWs are not on the electoral roll.

    For what it is worth, it sounds like no direction on whether or not it is permissible to "vote" has been given at my wife's Kingdom Hall.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @shepherdless I voted "YES" to equality and I'm not on the electoral roll (to my knowledge). Anyone with that flyer could have ticked an option and posted it in the reply-paid envelope supplied.

  • Chook

    I will only vote if it’s compulsory , just an inconvenience to post . As to same sex marriage , well whatever floats their boat. It just complicates constitutional law as to what age someone has the legal option to change genders and I know to some it may sound cruel it I honestly think kids do better with a mother and father arrangement. As to gays wanting legal recognition it probably has more to do with inheritance issues. Want to know my vote Rodger give me a kiss and I’ll tell you .

  • Listener

    The results will provide the government with an idea of what the public's views are. It is basically a survey.

    There could be no biblical reason why JWs should not express there opinion, rather it would be a good opportunity for them to express it. For this reason, I don't think the org. Wants to make an official policy. It would confuse the JWs no end if the org said they could lodge their form.

    It's not compulsory.

    It's likely that the majority of Australians will vote yes but it will be interesting to see because they chose to gather opinions through a postal vote and not online, like they did for the recent statistics. Younger Australians rarely use the post, whilst older ones are comfortable with it. It's the younger Australians that are more likely to want same sex marriage.

    In Australia, we have to post our letters at a post office or in a red box found occasionally on the side of a road. It's not all that convenient.

  • 2+2=5
    Younger Australians rarely use the post, whilst older ones are comfortable with it. It's the younger Australians that are more likely to want same sex marriage.

    For this reason I believe the 'no' vote will win. Most of the older population will have there say but many young ones who would vote 'yes' simply won't be bothered to vote.

    I think it's a joke we are wasting $ on this shit. The government is full of spineless hacks on both sides.

  • moreconfusedthanever

    I agree that the issue distracts the masses from what is happening around them. I know some JW just threw them in the bin.

  • smiddy3

    Both of these main Govt`s. in Australia know how to waste taxpayers money.Not so long ago the Govt. conducted a Census ,they could have saved the taxpayers thousands of dollars by just adding this question to the Census ,but no that would be too easy

    .This issue has been around for a long time.

    As has been pointed out it is only a survey and is not compulsory to vote and is not binding on the Government to act according to the results that are voted on by the Australian people .

    When the results are in the Government can either accept or reject the findings of the survey.

    Simply because of those facts mentioned above I just threw the postal survey in the bin when I received it .

    This Government will do whatever it wants to do regardless of what the majority of the people vote for.

    The whole exercise is a distraction for the what really concerns the voting public of Australians and that is Jobs ,manufacturing jobs,electricity prices ,shutting down coal power stations while selling coal overseas,having shortages of gas here because we sell it all overseas leaving a shortfall here.While we have an abundance here of both gas and coal for our own use and we are denied it and are paying exorbitant prices for it when it should be relatively cheap.

  • shepherdless

    Wake me up, if you received a form in the post, that means you are on the electoral roll. All the voting forms were posted to individuals listed on the electoral roll, at the address recorded on the electoral roll.

    The forms themselves don't have your name on them, but do have a unique bar code. I have read that if you find out someone voted on your behalf (a criminal offence), it is possible to have that vote excluded from counting, based on that bar code.

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