Download Raymond Franz PDF Books Crisis of Conscience and In Search of Christian Freedom

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  • wizzstick

    In his last years I don't believe Ray was concerned with the distributing of his information but rather that it was available.

    What evidence do you have to back that statement up?

    It's clearly obvious you have not read both of Ray's books, otherwise, you would know how Ray and Nestor K. felt about the spreading of this 'vital' information.

    I have read both and can't think of anything that suggested that he wanted to give his book away for free.

    He could have easily put a free to download PDF on the Commentary Press website.

    Why didn't he?

  • Giordano

    Another factor that was of concern to Ray was making sure his words were not changed either by individuals or by groups with a separate agenda one perhaps that would try to discredit him.

    We are closing in on the republishing aspect of his work so a little more patience would be appropriate.

    What is different at this point in time is the only has to look up the sins of the WT Society, and a variety of sites to get TTATT. This history of the Watchtower and the JWs provides more then enough information to help guide an individual out .

    documents that:

    There were three major schisms in the early days.

    That the WTBTS was founded on Adventist doctrines.

    That the WTBTS was not a religion it was corporate publishing house latter turned into a real estate holding company.

    That the JWs were established as a religion in 1931.

    Further reading will show that they have been anti health procedures from the beginning and have killed more people Every Year since it's earliest years up to the current era then Jonestown did in it's one time mass suicide and murder.

    We really don't need Ray's writings to effect change. It will become what he intended a reference about being on the GB, A revelation of how earthy and sad it was and remains. I for one do appreciate what he accomplished, His inside point of view has great value.

    His words will endure and be of value but the 'chain of evidence' needs to be maintained least we lose his clear voice. His work needs the copyright protection. Carrying his work off without the legal protections devalues what he wrote and copyright protection he wanted.

    It was never about money for Ray it was about his love of Christian principles and his life spent in his religion and how it lost it's way. But this was his work not yours or mine and by god he deserves your respect.

    For those who are impatient it took forty years after Jesus's death before we started to get Paul's letters and then other writings.

  • OrphanCrow

    For anyone who truly would like to have the inside scoop on the WTS...I highly recommend this book:

    James Penton's expose of the WT includes references to Ray Franz's work. It is well worth the read and should satisfy anyone's need for solid information

    I read Penton's book right after it was first published in 1985. The new edition has updated information

  • azor

    Rays book stands separate as it is written by a one time member of the GB. Anyone that was a JW knows how impactful that is. I grew up as a JW and never knew a GB member left. Much less wrote a book that gave an inside look on how the organization ran. That was a game changer for me, as has been expressed here by many others.

    I'm out of patience. The excuses are tiring. This is not a rewrite or an original where all the sources need to be checked. Make the damn thing available online and charge a fee.

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