450,000 UK child abuse cases in 2yrs

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  • GodZoo

    My lawd... filthy Britain.

    As many as 450,000 children are thought to have been abused in England in the two years up to March 2014, according to a major new report.

    Some 50,000 cases of sexual abuse were recorded by police and local authorities during this period, but the Office of the Children’s Commissioner (OCC) believes this is a major underestimate.

    A study by the OCC found that around 85 percent of sexually abused young people are not receiving help and treatment.


  • LevelThePlayingField
    No doubt some of the are from JW homes. Some of them will have the courage to speak up.
  • Splash

    There was a documentary on just this last week, looking at reasons why some people are attracted to children instead of being protective of them.

    In a number of offenders their brains were wired differently, sending signals to the sexual area instead of how normal adults respond to children.

    I wish I'd paid more attention to the documentary, but the underlying message was that paedophiles are wired to be attracted to children. I think it also suggested that without hormone treatment, they were unlikely to be able to change.

    I wonder if this is as much a desire created by nature as all other sexual preferences.

  • Phizzy

    " I wonder if this is as much a desire created by nature as all other sexual preferences."

    It could well be, but as one paedophile explained in that Doc. it is not necessary to act on ones desires, and is possible to shove them aside as wrong, something he has learned to do with the help of therapy.

    Kleptomaniacs and people with other wrong desires learn to control them too, let's not make any excuses for Paedophiles who act on their desires.

  • Sabin
    NO NO & NO Bloody way. I don't care what research they have done I wont agree. They don't like kid's, they are child hater's. If you care for some-one, anyone then you don't deliberately manipulate them for your own means be it physical/mental/emotional or sexual. How can a small child not be in some kind of pain when a full sized penis is being forced up their bums or vaginas. Sorry to be so graphic but well there's the facts of the matter. They shouldn't be breathing the same f...ing air as the rest of mankind. They know they are wrong, they don't care, they are perverts, disgusting lower than animals & the one group if it ever was to happen that shouldn't be going through at Armageddon . I'm sorry if this offends anyone, or if you think it is a sin against the Holy Spirit but that is how I feel.
  • Simple Minds
    Simple Minds

    Any man or woman who sexually abuses a child has to be really fucked up psychologically

    My Warrior self wants to cut off their genitalia

    My Nurturing self wants to find out what the fuck went wrong?

    Why do so many people feel so powerless? That they have to abuse an inocent child

    It is not just the UK, I am sure in Putin’s Russia there are a lot of people who feel very powerless. What are child abuse statistics in Russia?

    PS: I am not a CIA Troll just a pissed of EXjw

  • snugglebunny

    Approximately one out of 20 men, and approximately one out of 3,300 women are sexual abusers of children.


  • cofty
    Approximately one out of 20 men ...are sexual abusers of children


  • Simple Minds
    Simple Minds
    why are men are so messed up? Rather than abuse a child, why not just punch a man in authority in the face. i hate violence but way less damaging than abusing a child
  • cofty

    According to the NSPCC Britain's biggest child welfare charity 4.8% of children in England have suffered some form of sexual abuse. SInce most pedophiles have multiple victims - usually in double figures - this means that the percentage of men who are abusers is a small fraction of 4.8%

    According to an overview of studies carried out in the USA the prevalence there is between 7.5% and 11.7%


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