so much for babylon the great falling in 1919

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  • steve2

    Perhaps "new light" will emerge from the GoBo in which Babylon's fall in 1919 will be interpreted as "an overlapping fall". I look forward to Splane's time-line graph on this new interpretation.

  • doubtfull1799

    Great point! Another failed prophecy. Another failed interpretation of prophecy.

  • finallysomepride

    What happened in 1919!

  • Finkelstein

    So does this mean C T Russel was not a faithful anointed servant and all the members of the IBSA who followed him are not anointed as well ?

    Well there's going to be some pissed off people somewhere.

  • waton

    wt would have some relevance if they would be wrong about a real world entity. but they are so irrelevant because they are even wrong about an entity of their own creation, namely " the empire of false (non wt) religion"

  • LevelThePlayingField

    I like that. "Did you know that 1914 was calculated by measuring a pyramid?" Truly classic, and yes it was calculated that way. But any JW (or 99.5%) don't have a clue about it.

    Dumb shits.

  • tor1500


    Doesn't anyone get doesn't matter about the failed prophesies...or anything doctrinal...The friends are emotionally tied to the org...not God, because the org. is God...if you question the org. you question it doesn't matter about the dates or nothing like doesn't matter that their are pedophiles or that they may be banned in's God org.

    When we are all dead and gone, they will change 1919 to who knows what or maybe even get rid of it...a new generation is coming....the org. will change...all you have to do is look at the pictures from when the JW's first began, no smiles, now look at the pix, colgate smiles everywhere...happy people serving God...when you look at the pix from long ago....not one person cracked a smile...

    Anyway...They have a new light about Babylon the Great...just put it in will pop up and you'll see the new light....

    What witnesses don't know, we may be a part of Babylon the Great too...they even say point a finger how many are pointed back at you....

    The org. thinks they are on the pulse of God and can read the signs of the end....NOPE....God wouldn't let no man know ....least he boast...and if Jesus don't know...then the FDS/GB's don't know either...and if Jesus is King and they know it, why don't he give them some signs, like warning them about this Russia thing...

    The witnesses don't know who Babylon the Great is or when it's going to fall....

    You can't take them seriously,


  • Finkelstein

    It is a point of reflective irony that the WTS has been pointing its finger at mainstream Christendom calling it out as false religion or Babylon the Great , when they themselves are inherently a false religion, but thats the strategy of self supporting propaganda.

    God apparently by their own proclamation had chosen them in 1919 for being inherently truthful in their practice of worship, the reality tells a different story.

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