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  • Vivamus

    I am a computer nitwit. I have no shame in admitting it, I am a computer nitwit. Now, my computer is pretty old, and every now and then some part of it breaks down, or is in desperate need for replacement. Like a few months ago, when a new monitor was an absolute necessity *looks fondly at new 19 inch flatscreen* I have no idea what to buy, do or whatever, when something goes wrong, and so I have managed to form a network around me of computerexperts that help me when something happens. But, I am also a girl that likes to clean up after the mess I create myself, and so yesterday, I decided to take matters into my own hands, and not call for assistance.... My designated project was cleaning my 5 year old keyboard. Over the years it had suffered from spilled bear *sticky*, dropped ash *dirty* the regular dust etc. But when I was struck with a sudden cold yesterday and sneezed over it, I decided that cleaning it was not a bad idea. Ugh. So, I unhooked my keyboard, and looked intensely at it, trying to figure out how to take it apart. The first thing I did was unscrewing the screws at the back.... Weird enough, I couldn't manage to separate the top from bottom, even tho all the screws were out. Ahem... After about 20 minutes of pulling, begging, poking etc, I accidentally kicked a key out of the thing. Aha! So that's how it was done... I took all the keys out, cleaned them, and placed them back in. While doing this (it took me over an hour) I remember thinking it would have been easier to just buy a new one... When I was done, my keyboard shined brightly, it looked like brand new. I plugged it in again, and started typing. And panic arose right after my first word attempt. The letter *E* locked down my entire computer. The *I* started a magnifying glass *didn't even know that was an option on the computer* ... and so on... I could not type any word without all kinds of warning signs going off. So, I picked up the phone, and called my friend, who laughed his ass off, asking how in hells name I had managed to do this. LOL. So I went to the store this morning *while asking my friend what to buy * and bought a new one. Its gorgeous, blue and white, by Microsoft. Its like pure heaven typing on this thing. *shakes head at self* I am so dumb when it comes to computers.... - And the world shall tremble in the wake of the Blue Bubblegum
    Dutch District Overbeer


    I wish I could find it on-line, but it looks like those typical pop-up windows on your Windows Operating System:

    Would you like to delete your entire hard drive [YES]

  • smack

    Oh No VIV, the only way you can stop it from destroying your hard drive is immediately take a picture of yourself and post it in this thread. I don't know if the damage will be repairable if yuo don't do this immediately.

    Try not to get any man made material near the camera as well, in fact, only handle the camera when nude.


  • Vivamus

    Rayzor what are you trying to do to me??!

    Smack... Nice Try


    And the world shall tremble in the wake of the Blue Bubblegum
    Dutch District Overbeer

  • greven


    Maybe it was not the cleaning but the deminz you get from visiting this site...after a while they tend to accumilate and get bored. LOL

    The only thing I clean on my computer is the screen and occasionally the mouse (gonna buy a mouse without ball and cord next time so that will be over soon).


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  • Maverick

    Hey Viv. why didn't you just put the keyboard in the dishwasher? You would have gotten the same result and could have watched a movie instead! Example, take keyboard, put in dishwasher, add soap, push the run button, go watch movie, when movie ends open dishwasher, throw away keyboard, (because you ruined the darn thing) go to store and buy a nice new one. Hey, I'm not in Mensa for nothing! Maverick

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    Big Lots is a good place to buy cheap computer parts. They have KeyBoards, cabels, mice, and a few other things at times at a great price. I get most of my other stuff online. My CDRWs and DVDs don't last very long for some reason, maybe my grandkids use dirty disk to copy and play music. You can vacuum the keyboard and wipe the keys with a damp cloth but that is about all the cleaning you can do. My keyboard letters wore off and I just bought a new one for $12.95 with a lot of good features by IBM.

    Good luck with your computer, they are frustrating sometimes.

    Ken P.

  • Elsewhere

    Awww, don't be so hard on yourself... ya live and learn!

    When it comes to computers, 99% of the time it is better to simply replace a part than to try to repair it. It's easier, takes less time, and you end up with a better result.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Viv thank you for sharing this delightful escapade. Priceless

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