Prince Andrew, the Walls are Closing In

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  • Simon

    One thing I've learnt over the years is to read between the lines.

    That means reading statements carefully.

    If you have never met someone, would you say "I have never met them" or would you say "I don't remember ever meeting them"?

    The latter is just a get-out out in case evidence is presented that you did in fact meet them, because there is a photo of you with your arm around them in the upstairs of a pedo's friends, girlfriends house, which you also claim you never went to.

    What will happen if the US jails a UK royal? Who knows.

    Before then I just hope he does another of those "utterly convincing" bizarre interviews to "prove" how he couldn't have done it because he is incapable of sweating (cut to photo of sweating Andrew). Comedy gold.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Andrew denies any wrong doing on his part and denies seeing any wrong doing on Epstein's part.

    Of course he does.

    One key thing is to consider is this: why does Andrew refuse to say any of this under oath in a US court?

    It's definitely suspicious behaviour.

    I think he should be extradicted to the US and forced to give testimony under oath.

  • hoser

    The upper class are the worst of humanity. Just like a toilet bowl. The biggest pieces of crap always make their way to the top.

  • Phizzy

    I do hope that Justice is done in this Case, and any future ones, but the Establishment will pull every string, and call in every favour and utilise every dirty trick that they can to make sure he does not face a Court.

    The Justice system in the U.K is pretty dodgy, the Government are a proven bunch of Crooks, the Royal family and the rest of the Establishment protect their own no matter how heinous the Crime.

    I do not have much confidence that he will face any Court, but we shall see.

    Maybe the best we can hope for is his being found Guilty In Absentia. And he has to pay Compensation and Court costs etc.

  • Freemail

    No problem with him going down. Ghastly bloke. But why should the yanks get to extradite him?

    If they give up the spy who hit and run that young lad in Cambridge then we will allow it.

  • MeanMrMustard

    Whatever he does, he should avoid using the "C"-word - in order to prevent committing suicide the very next day.

  • punkofnice

    To quote George Carlin, ''s a big club and you aint in it!'

    There remains a 2 tier system, I believe. One rule for them and another for us.

    If Prince Andrew is a sweaty nonce, he'll escape justice because he's one of the elites that no Judge will condemn on fear of reprisals. If some working class bloke from a council estate (the projects to my American cousins), in Nottingham had done this, they'd be sent to HMP Whatton pronto.

    Phizzy is correct IMHO -

    the Establishment will pull every string, and call in every favour and utilise every dirty trick that they can to make sure he does not face a Court.

    ...but they wouldn't do it for you!

  • FFGhost

    I suspect there are many dozens, if not hundreds, of famous folks who are absolutely terrified at the thought that full details of their association with Epstein & actions related to such may become known.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    We will always wonder what is buried in concrete on that island.

    Wine, women, and song have always been the province of the well connected. I do differentiate a 17 yo and a pubescent child. And as an honest assessment of the male psyche I wonder what I would do given opportunity with a apparently willing girl. That ignores marriage vows, conscience from upbringing; and that most of us do not go looking for opportunities

  • slimboyfat

    Yup, let’s hope. I won’t hold my breath though. Plenty of others have questions to answer too, Clinton, Gates, Trump, et al.

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