Evidence for a Young Earth

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  • Giles Gray
    Giles Gray

    Could the Watchtower have been wrong about earths' age along with all the other things they got wrong?? 

    No. When they have suggested an estimation of how old the earth is, they have quoted science.

    As with the thread you made about the origin of the universe Perry, if people are going to take the time to challenge you with true scientific facts and figures, are you going to have the decency to admit when you have been proven wrong?

    Or are you only going to stay in this debate till it heats up beyond where your knowledge ends and then cowardly run away  as per usual?

    If you are not going to be reasonable and admit defeat when you have been proven wrong, can you understand how futile this makes your thread?

    This isn't going to be just another waste of time for everyone is it?

  • smiddy

    I liked that, LisaRose

    outlaw you`ve done it again 


  • Dunedain
  • cofty

    Another copy-paste, hit-and-run strike.

    I have never seen Perry attempt to hold a conversation on these issues or defend his views in his views.

  • cofty

    Here are some responses to YEC pseudoscience at Talkorigins...

    If there are any you would like to discuss Perry let us know.

    Here is one for starters. How do you explain unconformities such as Siccar Point.....

  • Caedes

    Perry will never stick around to defend anything he posts on this topic, perhaps because he is a coward and has been proven wrong so many times in the past.

    My favourite was when Leolaia schooled him on 'soft tissue' dinosaur fossils.

  • Giles Gray
    Giles Gray


    If the Cretaceous\Tertiary extinction was infact the flood of Noah as depicted in the bible, can you explain the complete lack of fossils of extant mammals in the Cretaceous strata?

    I miss Leolaia. What happened to her?

  • prologos

    Perry, do you realize the bible is wrong on the age of the Earth at both end of the scale? in Gen. 1:1 it is 13.8 years old, existing since the beginning, and now you tell us it is only thousands of years?

  • freemindfade

    Perry did you read my post about Neanderthals?

    Somewhere Neil degrasse Tyson is shedding a tear

  • snowbird

    What if the Universe is 28, 336 years young?

    What if each "day" of Creation was 3,760 years?

    What if there was only supposed to be 7 "days", but due to a contingency, 8 "days" were allotted before the Day of Eternity (2 Peter 3:18) began?

    What if the 7 "days" have ended, and we are now 2,016 years into the 8th "day' which will end in the year 3760?

    What if we are now in the 8th "week" (Book of Enoch) of said 8th "day"?

    What if, according to the aforementioned Book of Enoch, the Millenial Kingdom is due to be set up before the 8th "week" ends?

    What if the 8th "week" ends in the year 2256?

    That would mean humanity has less than 240 years to witness the most spectacular happenings ever, and 1,744 years before time becomes meaningless.

    What if ... ?


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