Anyone else selling stocks?

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    A brief biography for David Goldman from Wikipedia:

    Quote: "David Paul Goldman (born September 27, 1951) is an American economist,[1] music critic, and author, best known for his series of online essays in the Asia Times under the pseudonym Spengler. The pseudonym is an allusion to German historian Oswald Spengler, whose most famous work, Decline of the West (1918), asserted that Western civilization was already dying. Goldman says that he writes from a Judeo-Christian perspective and often focuses on demographic and economic factors in his analyses; he says his subject matter proceeds "from the theme formulated by [Franz] Rosenzweig: the mortality of nations and its causes, Western secularism, Asian anomie, and unadaptable Islam."[2] On March 14, 2015, Goldman and longtime Asia Times associate Uwe Von Parpart took control of Asia Times HK Ltd. He became Deputy Editor (Business) at Asia Times in 2020. Goldman was global head of credit strategy at Credit Suisse 1999-2002, Global Head of Fixed Income Research for Bank of America 2002-2005, and Global Head of Fixed Income Research at Cantor Fitzgerald 2005-2008. He subsequently was a partner at Yunfeng Financial in Hong Kong, an investment bank later acquired by Jack Ma. He continues to advise CEOs and institutional investors. He is a regular contributor to Claremont Review of Books, Law and Liberty, Tablet Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, First Things (where he was senior editor during 2009-2011)."

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    The Dumbocraps are attacking Oil and gas at every turn. Expect 5 buck a gallon gas soon.

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