Bethel outing :)

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  • sp74bb

    By reliable sources, Bethel US has recorded in 3 years:

    - 80 "out of the closet" confirmed

    - 200 departures requested by Bethelites, where same reason is suspected.

    - 20 censured ones "returning to the flock"

    Some NY clubs are delighted to receive and welcome the new boys and girls in town :)

  • Listener

    Is the reliable source Johnny the Bethelites?

  • sp74bb

    No, other reliable sources inside US Bethel.

  • redpilltwice

    That's what happens if you don't listen to Tony!

  • sir82

    Kingdom Halls are full of closeted gays. it's no surprise there are lots in Bethel as well.

    I'm straight, but I've got a rudimentary "gaydar".

    In our congregation, a pretty clearly gay guy went to Bethel last fall for a one-year assignment. He hasn't been sent home, at least not yet. But I'd be willing to bet when his one year is up he'll be back.

  • bohm

    It must be Tony3's great look that attracts the gayes! I am not even gay but if he packed that body into spanks or just tight pants I would take a serious life decision!

  • Londo111

    Of course, this has some historical precedence. This occurred in the last 60's or early 70's didn't it?

  • ShirleyW

    I think just about everyone can name a few brothers and sisters in their Congregation that folks used to whisper about for appearing to be gay. I can remember quite a few from just my one Cong and I've mentioned several times before here that I use the name ShirleyW to show the hypocrisy about how da troof handles that, The name I use and her "partner" started attending my KH when I was around 9 or 10, I'm now pushing 60 and they're still faithful servants of Jah.

  • Virgochik

    My grandpa's sister had a lifelong "companion" who claimed to be anointed. As a little girl, I thought they were mean old ladies but I had to go visit them anyway. They acted strange, may because they couldn't just be themselves.

  • Richard_I

    When i was at Wallkill like 6 years ago, Max Larson had the morning worship and it was about uncleanliness. He went on a long rant about pornography and said the US Branch Committee deals with 2 cases of someone caught viewing internet pornography at Bethel every week, and they were almost always dismissed, so that's about 104 people a year kicked out due to porn.

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