The Governing Body are doubling down on dogma!

by DATA-DOG 35 Replies latest watchtower beliefs


    In case you were wondering if the Governing Body we're going to become kinder and gentler, the answer is a big "NO!!!"

    In the current study edition of the WT magazine, the sheeple are reminded of some very important key points.

    1) God has an organization ( corporation ) that you must respect.

    2) ONLY the GB/Faithful Slave can dispense spiritual food and only the GB/Faithful slave can interpret the Bible.

    3) Individual Dubs absolutely cannot learn "truth" on their own.

    4) God requires "unity of doctrine." [ Guardians of Doctrine?!?! ]

    I'm a bit confused. If only the "Faithful Slave" can interpret the Bible, and only the Governing Body are the "Faithful Slave", then how can individuals like myself discern that "past truths" and "cherished errors" were just that?

    How could I purchase a Strong's Concordance and discern that the GB were not appointed over Christ's belongings? How could I know that the old generation teaching was wrong? How could I know that there was no such thing as the "Slave Class" as described by the WTBTS? Or, how could all the "apostates" from the 1980's, the ones deceiving themselves into believing that only the GB is the "Faithful Slave" ( now the truth ), discern the truth when the GB could not??

    Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, how could the Governing Body NOT discern the hypothetical nature of the "Evil Slave", without help from Christendom? ( The Dallas Theological Seminary is the "Bible Scholar" quoted by the "Faithful Slave." )

    If only the FDS can discern truth, and the current "Evil Slave" teaching is true, then the GB cannot exclusively hold the title of "Faithful Slave", or the hypothetical "Evil Slave" doctrine cannot be true, which means that the GB have not discerned the truth yet again. If the Dallas Theological Seminary is required to reveal truth, then they must not be part of Christendom, because the current WT says the JWism is free from "false religion." Things sure aren't adding up....

    Could this latest WT be an example of a "mistake in interpreting the Bible" that is made as a result of the GB not being inspired? I'm confused. Perhaps I should just get a lobotomy, and enjoy all the new and improved Kingdom Melodies?


  • fukitol

    Cult propaganda 101 stuff isnt it.

  • Steel

    Has it always been just flat out cult nonsense? Its like they aren't even trying anymore.

    I swear every second so called study just about doctrines particular to the wts. Even when do a bible study they have to throw in verses that are controversy placed in nwt.

  • pepperheart

    No if they become kinder etc even more people will leave so they have got to keep hardline and extreme

  • careful

    DATA-DOG, when you say the "current study edition" what date do you mean? I have not kept up with the WT lit. in years, so I don't know. I realize from comments at this forum that the mags have changed. If you wouldn't mind sharing the pages numbers this stuff is on, that would be helpful to me. I'm going to have to read it, and I'd like to keep the pain of doing so to a minimum. Thanks in advance.

  • Ding

    So much for the hope that the recent WT statements about the GB not being infallible or inspired indicated a softening.

  • megaboy
    This is hilarious, its like they just roll with whatever nonsense they feel like publishing in their next piece of trash. Contradictions don't matter lol.
  • anointed1

    3) Individual Dubs absolutely cannot learn "truth" on their own.

    This claim has no biblical support because we have Joseph resisting the attempt of the temptress when there was no law given against adultery, and we have David murdering his faithful friend to steal his wife in spite of having many wives and concubines when there was law given against adultery.

  • anointed1

    When they finally drop 1914 doctrine, they will have proved themselves as being not appointed by God to dispense food at the proper time.

  • sparrowdown

    Sounds like death throes to me the last of the obey obey obey rants before the bitch disppears into the cyber-religion sunset, which, BTW, is also a very attractive lucrative option for them on so many levels.

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