YOU are bound to be like God, KNOWING good and bad.

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  • TheWonderofYou

    Christian Frey in Adam an Eve are 800 years older than the bible

    The good creator-god El, lives his wife Asherah in a paradise garden. Affliction comes with the evil god Horon, who was banished from the mountain of God and seeks revenge. For this he transformed the tree of life, which is in El's garden, in a tree of death and covered the world with toxic fog.

    As El wants to renew life on Earth, raises him Horon in the form of a large snake in the way. Its bite takes of El his immortality. By after El begets offspring to his "good wife" he overcomes the curse and recovers to a kind of immortality.

    El aka Adam was in this original version so initially a deity. "In this original version Eva bears no guilt," explains Marjo Korpel. Bible Students were convinced already long assumed that the biblical creation story of Adam and Eve is an older myth is based. Only lacked a written proof.

    On a connection to ancient oriental myths circle Mesopotamia refers also the residence of Adam and Eve in the Ugarit version. Your Paradise is on the slopes of Mount Ararat, Noah's Ark landed on the according to the Old Testament after the flood. Before that happens, Noah leaves repeatedly releasing doves that are looking for dry land out.


    In the older story there was no part of disobidience and no sin of Eve at all.

  • Crazyguy

    Didn't the jws take the part about Eve gaining knowledge out of thier bible?

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