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    I love that man ,


  • ttdtt

    Thanks for the comments in the video!

    Great comment about the strong things or week things. I have made that point for years.

    Truth should welcome scrutiny, and not run from it. If it's true (like 2+2=4) it will survive any criticism.

    This JW video is so disgusting. I am so happy I will not be at this Convention.
    I thought the International Convention was bad - this IS THE WORST EVER.

    I feel so sorry for all who are attending.

  • Gayle

    It's the kids that get robbed the most. No way to replace your youth; goes very quickly. They have to take way too much on, too seriously. The JW kids have to take on such a crazy responsibility to prove or help god to win over all the issues of the universe. I don't feel bad about the "bunker" video; if the adults think that, then fine; they can have their paranoia. But the kids feeling bad that they want and love good music but are denied, it sickens me.

    Further note: now, these issues about not being allowed doing school extra-curriculars, and these paranoias about the end are nothing new in the WT world. Some JWs heard these things in 'talks' and got the WT point, but some were brain numbed, bored and it just flew over or ? Now, tho, with these, 'videos', perhaps more are more awake to the 'power of film.'

  • Dagney

    Really good commentary.

    This is a big issue with me. I remember so well excelling in various things in school only to go so far, then my parents yank me out of it. It's incredibly debilitated, the effects I still deal with today.

    In the JW video, a child LOVES playing his violin and he is "good at it." It is such a gift to person to be able to find out their talent at a young age.

    I shared on here several times that I have a young nephew that is a natural ball player. He lives and breathes baseball. He is really good and is currently in a club that is touring for the summer. He is a good, sweet guy...not great with I cannot imagine what would happen to him if he had been born into the JW faith. He would be lost if he was unable to do what he LOVED to do, just like the kid in the video will be. Because that is their's who they are.

    I hate this GD religion. Get out of it! If not for yourselves, do it for your kids!

  • rebelfighter


    I agree totally the JW kids are getting robbed of their youth and of the experience of finding their talents. This man is fighting for the youth to allow them this right. I bet he also fights for other students besides JW students if they present a need that is being neglected at home.

    I was not a teacher but I spend many hours fighting for not only my children's rights but the rights of other children because I LOVE children and want them to be the best that they can be and achieve their goals with as few limitations as possible.

    Here is one example I encountered, both of my children had learning disabilities and I fought for IEPS. Both ended up graduating and going on to college. When my daughter was in elementary school we were at the bus stop and I observed a boy for a few days. I then asked his mom if she would mind if I talked to him and she said that was ok. Very intelligent youngster. Her daughter and mine had become friends so I felt comfortable talking to her and asked why her son seemed to not have any friends and how was he doing in school. Just as I suspected. His grades were total fails, no friends and he was listed as a major behavior problem by all the teachers. I asked if she had asked for an IEP and the response was he is just a behavior problem. I told her tomorrow morning when you bring your kids to the bus stop be dressed to go to the school and you and I will go and ask for that IEP. Well we did and with me next to her because they knew I KNEW the LAWS no problem we will start the testing immediately. We attended the first IEP meeting and these people were all falling all over themselves with the apologies.

    He has a form of autism, he is very brilliant but has no social skills and cannot handle being in large groups of people. Test scores are off the charts. Normal classroom freaks him out (behavior issue). Talk to him one on one you would think you were talking to someone at least 5 or 6 years older. No one took the time.

    JW kids are being deprived of social interaction with their peer level, education, extra curriculum opportunities that are vital for talent, and these absolutely horrid videos are nothing short of the worst case of emotional abuse. Then they go to the KH and get talks about Armageddon and what the .... right and wrong sex talks. Wait a bloody minute --- excuse me so when the next R rated horror movie comes out let's all take our good JW kids to see it can't be any worse then the KH.

  • Zoos

    This video broke my heart. I was also a music student in high school - encouraged all the way by my teachers, parents, applauded by those in the congregation who heard me play (I used to play the piano for the congregation), until the scholarship offers started rolling in. One from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, (they assumed I was Mormon), another from my home town college, Idaho State University, and the other from the Phil Mattson School of Music in Spokane, Washington.

    The elders stepped in and convinced me to completely withdraw from the trap of Satan's world and dedicate myself to the full time ministry, lest I die at Armageddon, that I didn't even graduate from high school by the end of it.

    I swallowed the hook 1000 percent.

    *Kick my ass * Kick my ass * Kick my ass *

  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    This is slightly off topic, well no it isn't off topic as the topic is the video, but I really like 1:50 and 2:20 and especially 2:51. [ and 16:20 ]

    Oh, and I really like this guy.

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