Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays

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  • JH

    Even if it's been many years since I haven't been to meetings, I feel so free on these 3 days knowing that I don't have to go to these meetings anymore.

    When these 3 days come along every week, do you also feel this kind of freedom or did you get used to it by now?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    It hits me occasionally - very occasionally. Mostly I don't even think about meeting - this place is much better when I need a get-together fix

  • Elsewhere

    Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

  • caligirl

    I still think about it in terms of how glad I am that I do not go anymore. And my husband and I comment to each other every so often that we can't imagine how busy we would be if we still had to try to squeeze in the meetings, and wonder how we ever had the time.

  • cruzanheart

    Actually, Saturday mornings are when I feel particularly bright and devilish. I delight in putting on play clothes, going for donuts, eating a leisurely breakfast, reading the paper, and thinking of all those poor sods out there beating on doors. It's a great way to unwind after a long week at work.


  • Angharad

    Yes even after three years or so, I occasionally will think 'Its Tuesday, group night' - then its so great thinking 'SO WHAT'!!!!

    I know what you mean Nina about Saturday mornings, with all the heat we have had in the UK lately its so nice to just go out with the kids and have some fun. We live very near the KH and usually drive past it when we are going out - When I see all the cars parked there on a Saturday morning I really feel sorry for the kids that are being dragged out on FS.

  • smack

    yes, now the only pre study I have to do is the TV guide.

  • Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.
    Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.


    How selfish of you with your choice of witnessing vehicle - How were the elderly pioneer sisters expected to climb in the rear? Must have been quite a sight to see it pull up in the street and thirty young brothers pile out onto the territory :-)

    cheeses - who still is forced to use primitive emoticons.

  • Scully

    There's a KH about 1km from our house, along one of the main roads that I have to traverse regularly. Sometimes we drive by the KH several times in a day. It's kind of fun driving by when the parking lot is full of cars, chuckling to myself and thinking about all those poor sods getting bored out of their skulls, while I'm off to do something fun, or even going to work.

    Love, Scully

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