Are the witnesses really False prophets?

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  • Ucantnome
    Mr. Theocratic you say you are amazed by people putting trust in every word. I think this is faith.
  • Ucantnome

    outlaw's post mentions the watchtower. Once my father had a discussion with another elder regarding who JW are. I believe he understood when he was baptised that JW were the anointed.

  • Ucantnome

    In the book the Nations Shall Know that I Am Jehovah-How? (WT 1971) It says page 56

    'The fact that Jehovah appeared to Ezekiel in vision and spoke from his throne on his celestial chariot and directly sent Ezekiel on a definite mission with a definite message proves that Ezekiel was a true prophet, sent by God, and that what he spoke under inspiration was the real word of God.'

    It also asks the questions in reference to Ezekiel 24:24

    'Since Ezekiel himself was a "portent" or "sign" (AV) of someone to come, and since he was not a type or prophetic figure of Jesus Christ, whom did the prophet Ezekiel typify in carrying out his divine commission?'

    and page 61

    'Whom could the real "chariot" of Jehovah's organization roll up to and confront that He might bestow upon this qualified one the commission to speak as prophet in the name of Jehovah?'

    The answer appears to be on page 66

    'Jehovah has found and commissioned his modern day "Ezekiel." It is a composite Ezekiel. It is composed of those dedicated, baptized proclaimers of God's kingdom, who have been anointed with His spirit for their work.'

    The book then tells you this was in 1919 that they were commissioned to speak in His name to all the nations and 'Thus, like Ezekiel, they became Jehovah's Witnesses'

    Also with regard to a modern fulfilment of the prophecy in Joel 2. which I believe is mentioned in Acts 2 the Watchtower comments

    'The dedicated believers had been anointed with holy spirit to prophesy and to preach.' (WT 1966 page 690)

    I would think it was the anointed JW that were the prophets

    Having said that I think that maybe by looking at the message/the good news that was preached it can help to understand why as you say,

    'just amazes me that many Jdubs put complete trust in every word they read from this organization..and then proceed to make life altering decisions based off these "published ideas".'

  • oppostate

    Reading over WT literature of years past can really get under my skin.

    The obvious, in your face, claims of divine predilection and appointing while at the same time denouncing all other religious institutions with over-the-top, incendiary name calling, makes them sound like braggarts and narcissistic, egotistical, spoiled brats.

    They presume to speak in God's name. They convince people to put full trust in what they preach. They make complete turn-arounds in doctrine whenever it suits their purposes. And they never admit to having been in the wrong. Sad little cloistered braggarts, much to be pitied were it not for their guilt in leading thousands upon thosands of lives to their physical detriment and their mental and emotional enslavement.

    A pox on them, filthy lucre-loving, reprehensible cultish task-masters of the JW hierarchy.

  • punkofnice

    Since God doesn't exist, all prophecies are false.

  • Giles Gray
    Giles Gray

    The best reply to the statment that JWs don't claim to be 'inspired prophets' is to point out to them that you don't have to claim to be inspired to be a false prophet. What false prophet was ever inspired anyway?

    It's a bit of a play on words but it works very well.

    On the point of the apostles having wrong ideas, there is no biblical proof that they shared their wrong ideas in their ministry, unlike JWs.

    The other point to bring out is that Jesus corrected the wrong ideas of the apostles right away. He didn't leave them to promote their wrong ideas for 70 years or more, excusing such errors to the fact they were imperfect men. If Jesus is directing them now, why is he not continuing to correct his followers like he did in Acts 1:6

    Both of these points contrast the truely appointed from the self appointed. The fact is that JWs are false prophets even by their own definition and standards.

  • Vidiot

    By their own official standards regarding the terms, the WTS isn't just a "false prophet", it's a full-on "false religion".

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