Potted history of the Watchtower by SM McRoberts

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  • Diogenesister

    This is an extract of the latest post from the blog " Rational Compassionate Living" by ex JW SM McRoberts. I think it's an excellent compressed history of earth according to the Watchtower, link to the rest is Here enjoy & do check out the rest!

    "About 6,000 years ago the god Jehovah decided to create Adam. As an afterthought he also “built” Eve. But, before knowing right from wrong, these two foolish people disobeyed Jehovah (after Eve had listened to a talking serpent.) So Jehovah put the wicked fallen angel Satan in charge of them and all of the Earth and stepped out of the spotlight for about 4,000 years — except to drown nearly everyone and everything on one occasion; stage a bloody puppet-show with Pharaoh and Moses; help out with some Israeli wars; and order himself up a whole lot of burnt animals to savor the smell of."

  • freemindfade
    That about sums it up

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