So Are Inactives officially SHUNNED?

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  • out4good4


    It's not cyclic when they need something from you:

    Answer 4: When they need something (money) only you have the means to provide knowing that they can't get any help from the congregation: "We never shunned you!!!"

  • ToesUp

    "It's not cyclic when they need something from you:"

    If you can provide the JW's with something (money, a place to live, someone to care for your physical needs) they will not shun you. It's all about THEM! The acorn doesn't fall far from the nut tree located in NY!

    I believe some are staying in until mommy/daddy or grandparents die. How many will leave once they receive their well deserved inheritance? Hopefully MANY!

  • LV101

    This is just sick but the public is becoming more aware of their evil - not that they have a chance of growth in this country other than the poor people who need to be protected from them.

    Stupid cult needs to know I guarantee their cult members will not shun me when I enter a store where they depend on commission. Just like their master popes -- $$$ count.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Refusal to associate with certain people works both ways, within or without religious affiliation.

    Brother Knorr told us Bethelites that we should avoid bad association even at Bethel . . . Seems as though something went amiss during the original screening process.


  • minimus

    Thank you for your comments so it appears nothing much is changed

  • steve2

    out4good4, absolutely agree.

    It's not so much that "money talks" but more that "people who need money, talk to you cause they need it."

  • TheOldHippie

    So while complaining there is no way out except being df'ed, you are complaining you are left alone and unbothered while not being df'ed?

  • bafh

    I watched the talks/videos on YouTube. While there was one sidebar comment that equated inactive ones with those who are "unrepentant sinners" - the rest of the talk was the same DF shunning drama. The video though took it pretty far.

    They show a young girl getting DF for sleeping with a Boyfriend and "wanting to do her own thing" - basically being a regular teen/young adult. She gets DFed, and then kicked out of the house. Later, she calls her family - the phone rings while her mom is doing dishes - and the mom is shown struggling - but refusing to answer.

    For me, the line gets drawn when you don't have any contact, even to see about their welfare. It goes beyond what is written (yet again), in my view.

    So, as pointed out by someone else, nothing new.

    There was also another talk about being loving and receptive to those who have been DFd or inactive and have returned. So, again, nothing new.

  • konceptual99
    So while complaining there is no way out except being df'ed, you are complaining you are left alone and unbothered while not being df'ed?

    There is a difference between being left alone and being actively shunned. Most people who no longer want to be involved with the religious aspect of being a Witness would like to keep family relationships and would like to keep some of the people in the congregation as friends or be able to feel comfortable bumping into them occasionally.

    Countless people are having to hide behind subterfuge and lies so they can keep some kind of normal human relationships alive. The media friendly statements from HQ that no one is held a slave to the WT and can leave at anytime are bullshit. There is a high price to pay even for simply saying "I don't want to do this anymore".

  • smiddy

    Your sitting in the middle section of a bus ,most seats are taken except their is an empty seat next to you,someone gets on the bus and starts walking up the aisle towards you " Oh no I hope he/she keeps going past my seat , oh God no , dont look at the vacant seat next to me , keep going ...keep going..

    He /she then passes you and goes to the back of the bus.

    He/she passed my vacant seat , what the hell? ... whats wrong with sitting next to me ? Has he/she got a problem with me ? Geeeez some people.


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