How about prayers being used as a talk?

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  • NikL

    Another thread on here made me think of it.

    Its a personal peeve of mine.

    You bow your head in prayer and the brother says thinks like thank you for the lessons we learned today like bla bla bla and for that wonderful point about yadda yadda yadda. Jehovah we know that etc etc etc therefore we must...
    Well you get the gist.
    And on and on it goes

    Absolutely drives me mad.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Year ago working in the Chairman's Office at the District Convention, I heard a CO counsel brothers who had been assigned the prayer to "be cautious that your prayer isn't so lengthy that the audience begins to wonder if you are jealous that you didn't get assigned one of the talks". . . . Doc

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I remember on elder who's prayers were 5 minutes. If a baby started to cry it added a minute to the prayer. It was beyond frustrating and upsetting.


  • schnell

    In San Diego, when the conventions were bilingual, the joke was that as the English brother and the Spanish brother both prayed at the same time, ya know, you don't want to have the shorter prayer...

    I always thought about the people up in the nosebleeds standing almost at an incline with descending seats and concrete steps in front of them.

  • zeb

    and the same bros who Jehovah us to death saying the name every second line.....

  • WTWizard

    The optimal length is enough to bind joke-hova, no more and no less. How long does it take to say a prayer that effectively binds joke-hova instead of praising that thing? Otherwise, prayers are simply donations of psychic energy to joke-hova for the purpose of enslaving mankind. The longer the prayer, the greater this donation, and the more effective joke-hova can be in imposing communism, slavery, and a dark age on us all that, this time, there is no hope of a Renaissance.

    The best thing is to simply blow off such prayer. Especially the last one. People walking out of the place at the start of the prayer (even better, as soon as the concluding song is announced) would limit the donation of psychic energy to joke-hova. Even better would be not showing up at all--I noticed that I was always drained worse from sitting at a big boasting session even than going to work for the day. The whole thing is nothing more than a donation of psychic energy, along with indoctrination and programming of your soul to accept damnation.

  • WingCommander

    I've felt that way for a loooooooong time. As a child, it was torture, pure torture, to have to sit thru DAYS of boredom at a hot DC in a venue like The Vet, only to be treated to a 10-minute unending prayer on the last day. Pure torture. What, you're gonna get more everlasting life cause you laid it on thick to the man in charge at some DC in 1983? Sure.

  • Onager

    It's a shitty thing to do.

  • diana netherton
    diana netherton

    Wing Commander,

    I was at the Vet around that time as well. It was the closest thing to hell that I could imagine.


  • someDUDEinAsmallCubicalSomewhereOverTheRAINBOX

    When I was "in" (physically and mentally), I would show my displeasure by not saying Amen at the end. Kind of silly, but gave me a sense of revolt. :>

    This was a regular occurrence at CAs/DAs, when long-winded gas bags would get up and blather for 5-10 minutes. I never understood that crap...worthless, arrogant prayers.

    Of course, now I know they were just suck up douche bags to the DO/CO, so the whole thing makes sense...

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