Question #2 for JW's

by BoogerMan 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Judgerussellford

    As regards your second question, the prophecy to me has always felt chronological. If you look at it that way. Watchtower was only chronological up through the rutherford days in what I've seen. But even at that they were only chronological for the 7000 creative day timeliness. Also thats only based on what I've seen. So besides all that they just interpret prophocey to fit their needs when they need some good new articles to write

  • Vidqun

    Yes Judgerusselford, I agree. They fit the passages of Revelation in to suit their interpretation. But the seven seals are first, followed by the seven trumpet blasts and then comes the seven bowels of plague. Towards the end of the plagues, the kings of the earth prepare for Armageddon. Then their cities are destroyed and lastly is the turn of Babylon the Great. They place the destruction of Babylon at the beginning of the tribulation.

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