To help our brothers displaced by the Fort McMurray wildfires you can donate to ...

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  • hoser

    ... the Worldwide work fund.

    Yep they read a letter today after the Sunday morning meeting. They were also highly encouraging people to volunteer to go to the fort to clean up brothers houses.

  • dbq407
    I'd love to know how much of the donated money would actually make it to those people. Not much i'm betting.
  • Simon

    Isn't that outright charity fraud?

    How do they know what money was intended to them when it's all conveniently mixed together? How do we know any money will be spent on them and not "lent" for PR opportunity until their insurance cheque arrives (signed over to the WTS before help is given).

    What a bunch of opportunists. They have billions, they never spend any of it on genuine aid programmes. It's individuals who volunteer all their time and resources.

  • Lieu

    Volunteer to help clean the houses? Why not send the Bethelites? There's thousands of young healthy men there. In fact, they should already be there needing only skilled persons to volunteer.

    A (standing) burned out house is not structurally safe to just go in and start cleaning. Also, special equipment and suits are needed because of all the  general household chemicals burning together. 

    Then if a chemical water mixture was used to put out the fires .... dangerous mold.

  • stuckinarut2
    They boast about ALREADY having a so called disaster relief fund set why beg for more money now?
  • Gefangene

    How wonderful of a "charity" to collect funds to help their own members only. That's a true charity!

  • zeb
    When the kh was bombed in Australia some years ago people from all ages and places sent money to the Sydney bethel 'to help the victims' of that terrible act. I can only wonder hm of it went to the individual jw.?
  • sir82

    I'd love to know how much of the donated money would actually make it to those people. Not much i'm betting.

    Why surely 3 cents of every dollar contributed goes directly to the "help the fire victims fund".

    That's a significant fraction the amount that goes into the "Brother and Sister Morris need to fly first class to arrive at their oh-so-encouraging zone visit" fund.

  • Zoos

    Give to reputable charity organizations only.

    The Canadian Red Cross has initiated a fund raising effort to help victims of this fire.

  • wannaexit

    Nothing was read here. But then i am in another province. It's disgusting how they use disasters are an opportunity to line their own pockets and toot their own horn.

    I hate this organization

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