Are Birthdays now OK?

by rickroll 17 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • rickroll

    I see so many old and young Dubbers on FB who are wishing each other a happy Bday. When I was in the cult it was a huge no no. What is going on? Is this a doctrinal change or is it just a bunch of dubbers who are bending the rules?

  • mikeflood

    ? Birthdays are a big no, no if you're officially rank and file..... they're probably members of the ' overlaping second Big Crowd of sympathizers '.

  • LV101

    Must be the JW progressives (benders) because the hardliners are still adamant about beheadings and whatever other crazy the alcoholic leaders implemented against anything enjoyable in life.

    The hardliner-hypocrites in 90s would bend the rules to get free birthday cake out of Olive Garden and anyplace that provided. Bakery birthday cakes are pricey and the North Korea JW leaders (pigs - are they selling piggy banks now) in NY beg/collect all the ice cream money -- they for sure aren't allowing special days with birthday cake. Whiskey, designer suits/Rolexes/designer furnishings in high-rises, first-class travel, private fishing planes and vacay homes around planet earth for their good life isn't free for their followers.

  • punkofnice

    I doubt the GB would allow the jobo sheeple to buy gifts and cards for each other.

    After all, if the perverted GB can scrounge ice cream money out of children, they won't want anyone spending money that isn't for the corporation's benefit. They still have paedophiles to protect. The Governing body still worship money.

    Those disgusting cult leaders will want the gift money for themselves, to perpetuate their rock star, luxury lifestyle.

    It isn't hard to work out; If the GB can get your cash, they will ban you from things that allow you to spend money on anyone else apart from them.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Might be partly the FB algorithm that sends things automatically. I get endorsements, ads, and wishes all the time just from my personal information. Now the elders will start ( if not already) monitoring FB

  • rickroll

    No its not any bot or FB thing, its Dubbers sending Happy birth day wishes to each other and the recipient who is a 90 yo hard core JW saying thinks.

  • LV101

    "90 yo hard core JW" -- AWESOME! Either he/she is a well-balanced, mannered, JW, (imagine that - those are rare), or never bought into the cult birthday-negative lie. Hope the WT cult police don't drag him in backroom.

  • sir82

    Technically, celebrating a birthday is not a DF offense. I suspect that with the proliferation of the previously top-secret elders manual online, kids are figuring that out and thumbing their noses at the org.

    I think it has become one of those "don't ask don't tell" things. If you quietly mark the occasion with those who have the same idea as you, and are careful to avoid "stumbling" Sister Bitchy-Nose, you should be OK.

  • floridaborn

    When I was in they got around this by acknowledging the day but never officially saying birthday. Happy born day was a favorite term.

  • Gorbatchov

    Some JW do.


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