Ukrainian refugees and the Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • no-zombie

    I personally would like to foster a couple of those parent-less kids from Ukraine, but I know that my 'full in' Witnesses wife would never agree. For her, they are 'worldly children'; children who are most likely will never become a Witness, and so why even consider opening one's heart to them and their suffering.

    While her attitude really upsets me, ultimately she is just a product of the Organization's teachings and for me, it is just another example of the hypocrisy and coldness of the religion. You see, this religion is meant to be a Christian faith, one that should copy the qualities the Jesus himself taught others to display. Yet seems (at least to me) as if the Governing Body has never read or understood the illustration of the 'Good Samaritan'.

    Did the Good Samaritan say the jew ... "well before I can help you, first you have to read this book about my faith, start praying with me at Mount Gerzim and then come every week to our synagogue" ... of course not. Jesus was trying to teach about unselfish giving; being a true neighbor, without preconditions. But It is something totally lost on most JWs.

    And their very weak fall back position ... we are giving through our preaching. The preaching work ... what pile of crap. How it that going to help people when they die on street from exhaustion or picked up by human traffickers and sold into prostitution? So, instead of keeping all those billions of dollars warm in the bank, perhaps the Governing Body should show what real Christianity is like and use those 'unrighteous riches' for something really good. Or at the very least, teach the rank and file to be more like Jesus, rather than extolling the virtues of the adulterer and murder, King David. Then maybe, worldly people will see past the Organization's weakness and sins and consider joining.

    It will not happen of course, because in the eyes of the Governing Body and Jehovah's Witnesses, why help those people when they are going to be killed by God at Armageddon anyway.

    no zombie

  • shadowclone

    We had worldly foster children and didn't get any flak from congregation

  • carla

    shadowclone, I mean no disrespect but am wondering if you were expected to bring those foster children to the kh while they were in your home? were they expected to read wt's & awake's? if a judge (or other) required you to bring them to a church each Sunday would you have and what would your congregation & elders have to say then?

  • Diogenesister
    For her, they are 'worldly children'; children who are most likely will never become a Witness, and so why even consider opening one's heart to them and their suffering.

    All children are 'worldly children' - before their parents indoctrinate them into being Jehovah's witnesses...Muslims....Catholics...Hindu's...Jews...etc
    You could try and say that to her?

    Although there is a strong chance if you adopted kids she would teach them to become JWs in short order!

    I'm really sorry that your impulse to do good is thwarted by that cold hearted greedy religion. It's a shame, too, because I've read it's the one main regret many childless witnesses have, although these days it's not explicitly prohibited.

    It's good though that you can see past your wife's behaviour as being not of her own doing. Perhaps if you try and encourage her to do non witnessy things and just generally enjoy yourselves together? Show her how great being a family could be by taking her places families frequent? Just some ideas, anyway. I really do feel for you because you found the witnesses uncharitable nature always one of the worst aspects of their belief system even when I believed it myself.

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