Anyone else a fan of Red Letter Media?

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  • schnell

    Probably my favorite band of cinephile miscreants on YouTube is Red Letter Media, which has, among other things, a series called "Best of the Worst".

    They have a sub-series of that called "Wheel of the Worst," where a bunch of crappy old VHS tapes, either sent in from fans or added by the guys, are stuck to a plywood wheel and 3 of them are randomly selected for forced viewing.

    Here's the thing. They had an episode a while back with a catchy little tape called "SOS."

    It turned out that SOS was a product of the Children of God cult. But it also involved barcodes as the mark of the beast! Whaaaat?!

    Eventually, Wheel of the Worst #11 came around. And in #11, they pick a video expounding on that whole idea about UPCs and the mark of the beast... But something else was submitted for that episode too. Skip to 5:40.

  • Bardamu

    I love them.

    When i saw the young people ask vhs i was hoping so hard for the wheel to stop on it haha.

    They had no idea what it was, it could have been a good laugh.

  • TD

    Yes! Maybe my sense of humor is off the beaten path, but I find Stoklasa et al hilarious.

  • schnell

    Yes!! Hahaha I love those hack frauds and that bit about real friends could've been great

  • Diogenesister

    Think some charity shop's doing a special on cult vhs's ?!(and not in a good Nosferatu, Rocky Horror way)

    Those guys are hysterical.

    Edit Bardamu "I was hoping so hard for the wheel to stop on it"

    Maybe another time...let's request it !

  • glenster
  • glenster

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