Crisis of Conscience Raymond Franz

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  • AuntBee

    Anyone with a library card can get it through "inter Library Loan". This is an amazing service, which will get any in print book for you, if they can, even from out of state, etc. Our library's web site even enables you to put in a request online!

  • KiddingMe

    Absolutely worth reading. It is a game changer.

  • biblexaminer

    I, and my best bud in 'da trooth', snuck into the XiXnXoX Public Library to see if we could find this book, away back in the late 90's.

    My Mum, of all people, told me about it when I was upset one day that 'things just didn't add up in the mighty org'. I was already married and had stopped by the homestead for a visit.

    When I and my bud got to the front door of the library, (its quite large) we were kind of playing around and I pulled my collar up and put on my sunglasses, like we were spies. ...We chuckled. (remember this)

    But seriously, who's going to catch us at the Public Library and how are they going to know anything's up... Seriously.

    We got inside and went to work. We found the book. I took the first stab in one of those Karols at the back. I wrote down the address to get one right away. I did some cursory reading and I was hungry for more. But my bud wanted his look. So I gave it to him.

    I went looking around while he had a look at the book, and WHO THE HELL!!!! It's a freaking elder from a local congregation. (What the hell!!! I thought...) (insert shit in pants here) Why is he here??????

    Long story short, we talked our way out, but not before my bud was face to face with the elder.... BOOK IN HAND.

    HOLY MOZES.! Seriously, who is going to catch you (The collar not so dumb huh.)

    Good thing elders are such dumb clods.

    Anyway, I set up a post office box to get to mailing for the book. I didn't know at the time that I would be mailing directly to Raymond Franz.

    So, I got the first book. Crisis of Conscience. But then I ordered more as the book list Ray sent had many books on it. In Search of Christian Freedom. Apocalypse Delayed and others.

    The second order didn't arrive. The post office had sent my books back to Ray because I had only used the PO box number, but no name. Fear is a powerful thing you know...

    The first order came without any name, but the second not so lucky.

    Now, I forgot to ask Ray how the next part worked out. The times we talked on the phone and in the letters we wrote there was so much to say that this detail fell to the back burner. (I will have to ask him in the resurrection.)

    The second order eventually came... BUT MY NAME WAS NOW ON EVERYTHING. (Insert shit in pants here)

    Somehow, Ray was able to get my name. And he paid to resend the books. He made sure I got my stuff, come hell or high water. You go Ray!

    I read all the books. I was torn inside like my guts were in a wood chipper. I consumed an entire bottle of Tylenol through the self deprogramming. These books were like no other. Pure unadulterated truth. Tells it just like it was.

    Eventually, my wife read the books too. Thank God.

    As a JW, if you have been in the org since the 1970's or further back, then C of C is a MUST READ.

    But it's powerful even for newbies.

    BTW, the elder was at the library because his child had to do a book thing for school. So, you just never know.

  • Hecce
  • zeb

    Get a large pot of coffee and turn the tv and phone off. Like all things wt it is a very long read but the message comes over loud and clear; don't say anything that the wt sees as criticism.

    best wishes on your catharsis.

  • Gargamel

    I used to have two copies of this. I gave one to my sister as one of her Christmas presents (oh the irony!), and the other I gave to another ex-jw. My sister was many years out at the time, but was still struggling badly with subconscious apocalypse syndrome (I just made that one up).

    Unfortunately, they are have been out of print for a while and the person who bought the copyright hasn't got around to arranging a re-print. Hopefully, the copyright hasn't been re-sold to the JW organisation, as I imagine they might pay a decent price for it.

    It was the book that started my sister's recovery. I had already debunked the myths by the time I bought the books. I had to wait several months for them to be shipped from the USA and when I received them, they had been opened (and re-sealed) by Customs & Excise. At the time, I think there was an import duty on books, but not if they were deemed 'educational material'. I guess that reading them must have been pretty educational for someone at the Customs Office.

  • pale.emperor

    This book is a must read.

    I remember reading ABOUT it when i was a Jdub and i had a hatred for Ray Franz as a Judas. Because i was TOLD that he was lying apostate. When i had doubts i started reading it and i was surprised at how kind he actually was. Everything he talked about he backed up with facsimiles, Elders letters, Watchtower/Awake mags (even giving date, issue and page numbers) and discussed some things that the Watchtower later had to come clean about. I absolutely could not fault the man or his writing. It was so humble yet to the point and fair.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i think anyone buying vastly overpriced books off the internet are just feeding the greedy.

    its not as if the money is going to the author--in this case !.

    i bought a copy about 6 years ago--when i first got involved with this whole new world ( to me ) of ex-jw'ism. i had quit 40 + years ago. to be honest--i had to start reading about half way through. the first part seemed to contain a lot of extracts of watchtower paragraphs--and my eyes just glaze over at that. but when i got into it i had to finish it all.

    after i had read it--i offered it to a distant relative who had also left the cult--but she--and her husband--also an ex-----declined to accept it. they didnt want any reminders of a life they had walked away from. ( i would imagine a lot of ex's are like that )

    however i did pass it on to another member of this site who was having difficulty buying a copy.

  • redpilltwice

    A must saved about 1,000,000 souls and counting. I read it during my fade, 20 years too late. I'm sure you already know how to get it "cheap" by now.

  • biblexaminer

    I bought a few extra copies to donate. The last one I bought from Ray just after he included the scan I sent him. That one is pristine and still, I believe, in the box.

    One I gave away but might get back.

    The others don't have the UN stuff as they are older, but no less effective I'd say. They go to the library. But with the proviso that they are For Reference Only, not to be left lying around, not to be more than 20 feet from the librarians. And back on the shelf at end of day.

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