A WRITER (me) looks at the "character GOD" from the standpoint of bad writing

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  • Terry

    I am a writer. I pay attention to what other writers write about writing. Writers always have limits--even writers of fiction.

    Do you choose to live in a world where pigs fly and deuces are wild?

    That would be an imaginary world.

    Do you choose to live in a world where GOD rules? Let's look at this character: God, and see what problems His creators faced.


    A writer cannot write a character who is more intelligent than himself. A writer cannot transcend his own limitations. . The writer cheats by resorting to a fake explanation. Writer's cheat by violating cause and effect!

    A writer cannot transcend his own limitations, but a writer can make you believe it anyway.

    A good fiction writer helps you relax your bullshit detector a little bit. It is called "suspension of disbelief." A storyteller does this with style.

    "Who is this God and why does He do the things He does?"

    The character, Moses, asks a similar question of God, when the deity presumes to send Moses to Pharoah of Egypt.

    God answers:

    "I shall prove to be what I prove to be."

    Is that an answer or a deflection?

    Bible writers are writing about this world and a Universe they are entirely ignorant of when it comes to facts. So, they make things up.

    For one thing, GOD does not have a cause.

    The writers simply declare it to be true and move on!


    Logic had not yet been invented by Aristotle until the 4th century B.C.E.

    How do Bible writers explain God's superior sense of Justice? They cheat!

    Jehovah himself declares:

    “I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion” ( Romans 9:15 ). _______________________________________________________________________

    You see? God acts on whim. No need to explain further. The writer is off the hook.


    In the real world, contradiction with reality is a signal of non-truth.

    A policeman interrogates a suspect and looks for contradictions.

    Contradictions are the key to discovering lies. (Fictions)


    ----- JEHOVAH an unpredictable being operating without logic.-----

    A badly written character acts one way for awhile and suddenly acts opposite without internal harmony or explanation.

    We might find such a character requiring LAW in the Old Testament and suddenly operating out of MERCY in the New Testament.

    This whimsical character might LOVE mankind one minute and repenting of having created them the next. He might destroy men, women, children, unborn babies, animals, plants in a worldwide flood and then promise not to do it ever again under a rainbow.

    Israel might be a tribe in the Middle East one era and suddenly become simply a connotation of spirituality.


    As Aristotle says in his Metaphysics: Thus "it is not possible to say truly at the same time that the same thing is and is not a man."


    In the New Testament, we seem to find Jesus disconnected from such logic.

    The Jesus writers vacillate between the real world and the world of fiction. Is Jesus god or man, is he Son and Father simultaneously? The writers botch the job!

    Does Jesus practice magic or use supernatural means to bring about miracles? The writers take it for granted by not explaining.

    After all, what is a "miracle" but a violation of cause and effect in the physical universe?

    The writers simple tell the story as though it were true and all those believing crowds were buying it--so, why should we, the readers be any different?


    The Bible mixes the real world with the make-believe world and there is no effort made to distinguish between the two.

    God is a puzzle. Jesus is a Divine mystery. The Holy Spirit is undefined and inexplicable.

    What it all comes down to is POOR WRITING!

    Maybe--just maybe, the reason the Bible is full of contradictions is because all the various writers and storytellers who developed the tales inside just weren't very good.
    Maybe Jesus is a mysterious figure because the people telling the story didn't have a clue how to make it clear who or what he really was.

    Perhaps Agatha Christie could have done a much better job of plotting and revealing.

  • eyeuse2badub


    I really like this post. Please continue the great writing. If you had been head of the WT writing committee, we might all still be dubs! Right? lol

    Nearly all ancient civilizations had their mythology writers. Those mythology writers were, in many instances, national treasures for the simple reason that they spun amazing yarns about fantastic shit that glorified/perpetuated their society or otherwise entertained the masses. No reason that the Hebrews wouldn't have their mythology writers also.

    just saying!


  • Terry

    HOMER is a kind of romantically invented person who is repository identity as the 1st writer attributed to an Epic tale which has lasted for millennia.

    Around perhaps 800 B.C.E., stories about Odysseus and the Trojan War had been told around campfires thousands of times before "Homer" took it upon himself to fashion them into a fixed story nailed down by virtue of having been plotted and written specifically without further embellishment.

    Once the Hebrews had commerce with non-Jews (carried off to the Big City as it were to Babylonia) and were introduced to new ideas and completely new way of life, they were enriched immeasurably. Upon return to their old homeland, suddenly we are led to believe King Hezekiah simply "found" what existed of their history written down but "lost." Presto! The Old testament. However, it contains duplicate stories which contradict each other!

    In his book, WHO WROTE THE BIBLE, author Richard Elliott Friedman goes into detail of just how stitched together the old (pre-Babylon) and new post-Babylon stories actually are.

    YOU CAN READ THIS BOOK in PDF form online right now at:


  • Xanthippe

    Yes I found the God of the OT to be very 'human' a jealous God, cruel enough to insist on the death of babies and the animals of people who inconveniently lived in the 'promised' land. Just like the very 'human' Greek and Roman Gods. Conversely I thought the Jesus of the NT was just a non-person, barely there, two-dimentional. Poor characterisation indeed.

    Reading the Odyssey and the Iliad just before we left really helped me wake up. Just because we have found Troy in modern Turkey does that mean Achilles existed and had miraculous escapes from death because of being dipped in the river Styx? Or that the Trojan war was started by Paris carrying off Helen, the daughter of Leda and the God Zeus?

    So why be excited about finding Ur or the Hittites? It doesn't make the Bible stories true. Ancient people loved to mix up mythological heroes with real events. They loved to claim a hero or God for their own city or country.

    It's still excellent writing though, I love Homer. The wine dark sea. White-armed Hera and all those strong, beautiful warriors. Who wants to read about ugly people doing boring things anyway? Now we have soap operas for that.

  • Terry

    I had a friend who once said out of nowhere:

    "We are God's soap opera."

    That stuck with me.

  • Xanthippe
    All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players.
  • Socrateswannabe

    Terry, I agree with you, there is some god-awful writing in the bible. The greatest writers/teachers understand how to take a complex subject and explain it in an easy-to-understand way. The bible seems to do just the opposite.

    There were people like Homer turning out great pieces of literature at around the same time as the bible was being written, and yet the almighty god could only manage what we have come to know as the bible--a wholly inferior work.

    Thank you for providing the link to the book, "Who Wrote the Bible?". I found that book in the public library many years ago. It was the first book I read on higher criticism of the bible, and it was an eye opener for me.

  • The freewheeling
    The freewheeling
    I agree on this. The Bible is full of problems, it is illogical and contains factual errors. When Jehovah's Witnesses try to solve this problems the explanation is usually worse than the problem itself. However, they have an "answer", and that's the most important for them to say.

    And another thing. If God is the author of the Bible, and that he's in charge of every word, why in heaven and earth would he complicate the whole thing so much? Why offer all these errors and explicitly? Why has he not only written an simple book all could understand, that not could be misunderstood. If he really loved the humanity so much why not just write simple and straightforward, no bla bla, no problems or error.

    If I were to write a letter to my children that contained information and facts about survival and how to live a happy life, it would be horrible if I would hid the message in a lot of errors and nonsense, so that they had to look for, seek for, sift, and interpret the important message. Or that they would have to find someone else to explained the letter to them, with the risk that they got different explanations depending on whom they asked, and that all claimed with certainty that they were right, and even fought over who had the right understanding.

    That's how to write a drama, not facts and information. That wold be evil, not love.

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