Watchtower Annulled My Baptism

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    Contrary to popular belief you can have your baptism annulled as I did by my local elders after my judicial hearing.

    The Watchtower of 1964 page 126 first paragraph clearly states that anyone that was committing a gross sin before, during and after their baptism is void. In order to get right with the lord you would need to be re-baptised. Err no thanks, I'm not a believer!!!!

    My elders told me that my smoking from 12 years of age right up til my baptism at age 16 and afterwards ment my dedication was invalid.

    It was announced at the next weeks meeting from the platform that my baptism and dedication was annulled. The elders told me it was unusual as most are df'd for smoking or committing what they regard as gross sin. Since then I have been treated the same as a worldly person or non witness and never shunned by anyone.

    I'm just hoping this might be of some use to anyone that might have a judicial hearing coming up and wants a get out of watchtower free card.

    The elders have to go with what is in print (watchtower) and it's right there in print, it even says that getting re-baptised it is a personal decision, in order to do that your first baptism would have to be made void and announced as was mine.

  • tepidpoultry

    I'm missing something here,

    This doesn't align with all other information I've gathered on the subject,

    I look forward to hearing what other comments will be posted


    Watchtower policy won't normally align itself to 1964 eg at that time they werent pre qualifying with questions for instance

  • sparky1

    This happened to a man that I studied with in the early '70's. He was an alcoholic and confessed to the Elders after his baptism. His baptism was considered null and void and he never returned to the hall after that.

  • schnell

    I cussed a lot before, during and after my baptism. That's a disfellowshipping offense according to the God's Love book, so my baptism should be considered null and void.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    I had a mind before, during, and after my baptism. Please annul me Jehovah.

  • Finkelstein

    Never heard of this and never heard of a JW having their baptism annulled within the religion itself..

    In Christian theology once a person is baptized they are supposed to be permanently baptized for life.

    Or they may be re-baptized in another faith by their own conscious by that new belonging clergy..

  • scratchme1010

    I have heard of baptism annulment before, and of a person being re-baptized too. To me that's too much dealing with the JWs for me to even care. I baptized at 14, and I take my baptism for exactly what it was, a decision made by a 14 year old.

    Theocratic Warefare in reverse.
  • LaurenM

    Can my baptism be annulled?? I can lie and say I was smoking weed or idk sleeping around..,but seeing how I was only 12 it might not be believable...I did lie a lot as a kid & that's an ├╝ber sin according to the bible.,or is the poster just a troll?

  • Finkelstein

    Since then I have been treated the same as a worldly person or non witness and never shunned by anyone.

    This has got be a trolling bit of bullshit for whatever reason.

    Have you got the right religion RICHT ?

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