Child pornography should NOT be automatically handled by a judicial committee

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  • pistolpete

    New information added to the "Shepherd the Flock Elder's book"

    They have updated their policy on viewing child pornography.

    From a congregation standpoint it is NOT viewed as child sex abuse and is something that should NOT be automatically handled by a judicial committee

    It states that a person viewing child pornography should be strongly COUNSELED. Depending upon the frequency and the severity of his viewing it COULD be handled by a judicial committee.

    The rules that have the least amount of punishment, are the rules that the people at the top break the most.

    They need it to be a slap on the wrist, and not a big deal, so “when” they and their cohorts get caught, it’s still ok, according to the rules they make, and the masses follow.

    When you have to push your better morals to the side, to make their bad morals ok, you belong to the wrong organization.

    Any elders that can verify this?

  • hoser

    Um, shouldn’t the elders be calling the cops?

  • pistolpete

    Um, shouldn’t the elders be calling the cops?

    According to the Elder's book update----NO!

  • hoser

    When the authorities start throwing governing body members in jail they will cry persecution.

  • BluesBrother

    The 2021 “shepherding The Flock” book chapter 13

    The deliberate viewing of pornography is a sin. (Matt. 5:28, 29) It can result in an addiction to sex, perverted desires, and seri- ous marital problems. (Prov. 6:27; lvs pp. 121-123 pars. 9-12) How- ever, not all cases require handling by a judicial committee.—See 12:1-2; w12 3/15 pp. 30-31; w06 7/15 p. 31.

    3. An entrenched practice of viewing, perhaps over a considerable period of time, abhorrent forms of pornography would be consid- ered gross uncleanness with greediness and needs to be handled judicially “

    [Edit .. Aborrent forms included child porn .. ] Blues.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Anything involving child abuse should be first reported to police.

  • Drearyweather

    Not sure about any recent update, as per the latest elders book, Child pornography is considered a form of child abuse, and an abhorrent form of pornography viewing and is handled judicially (with a circuit overseer as a JC Chairman)

    Chapter 13:

    Chapter 3: Para 3:

    Child sexual abuse is a perversion and generally includes sexual intercourse ... Depending on the circumstances of the case, it may include involvement with child pornography or sexting with a minor.

    Para 6:

    Child abuse is a crime. In some jurisdictions, individuals who learn of an allegation of child abuse may be obligated by law to report the allegation to the secular authorities.Rom. 13:1-4.

    Chapter 14. Child Abuse

    10. Child Pornography and Sexting: If the elders become aware of an adult associated with a congregation who has been involved with child pornography, two elders should immediately call the Legal Department. Likewise, if the elders become aware of an adult or a minor associated with a congregation who is sexting with a minor, the Legal Department should be called immediately.

  • pistolpete
  • nowwhat?

    You know what this means? Someone(s) very high in the organization got busted thus new change!!

  • Corney

    What change? The rule remains the same as it has been for years: "entrenched practice" of viewing - JC, occasional viewing - "strong counsel", call the Legal dept in both cases, report to the police when instructed by the Legal.

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