HGTV special . Small Bunker homes for JW's

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  • Quarterback

    I've been reading so much lately about the pre message of the RC is about downsizing and living in Bunkers.

    Are we getting ahead of ourselves? Living within your means has been a good piece of advice. I do have a big house, but along with that I have to pay extra to heat it, extra work to clean it, more on residential taxes, worries about the volatile house market. rotten neighbours etc.... Forget the Great Tribulation. The world has other stressors to worry about. The debt situation. Rising costs of food. Trump becoming president. Gun laws, Zika Mosquitoes, Fires, and relatives that we don't like. Nobody's gonna sell their homes and give to the Soc (maybe a small number) If I sell my house, I will help my family out before thinking about giving such hard sweat equity to the ORG. My next house will be in some Condo where someone else can mow the lawn, clear the sidewalk of snow, keep the swimming pool clean and I can look at the TV to see who's ring my bell and determine if I want to see that visitor

  • prologos
    it depends where you live, Mortgages might be tax deductible: USA, income from increased house value tax free: Canada, and a small Bunker home is approaches the 2 Million $ price in some cities. Besides we want to help wt prophecies to be fulfilled, right? " --they will build houses--"
  • ToesUp

    I think so many JW's feel the same way. They have been watching WT live the good life. GB has nice housing, food, transportation, insurance, maids, cooks, drivers, waiters, laundry, barbers, doctors and lawyers at their disposal. If I (we) want those things, we have to pay for them. In order for us to pay for them, we have to work HARD. I believe there are some really bitter still in JW's who are tired of putting their needs on the back burner (education and good paying jobs), so the GB can be "taken care of."


  • Quarterback
    I wouldn't want to live as a GB member lives.
  • GrreatTeacher

    The problem of downsizing to a condo is the outrageous condo fees.

    Even if I sell my larger house and pay cash for a condo, the condo fees are in perpetuity, and are likely to go up over time.

    At $300 a month, that's $3600 a year. I could easily pay a neighborhood kid to mow my lawn and shovel snow for less than that.

    And then I don't have my neighbors walking over top of me.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Forget condos, tiny house community is the way to go, but no loft.

    A 600-700 sq. feet home would be  great.Tiny house crazy is gaining a  lot of momentum here

    in the US. I would love to see a senior tiny house community.

  • Quarterback

    Yes, GT, those dam Condo fees. Some of them pay for snow removal, grass cutting, heating, elevator repairs, maintenance, water/sewer tax, AC, Legal fees, Insurance. The only expense would be lower utility bills tv cell phone

    James: I have stayed at those small communitty's for vacations. They would be alright

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    I've been in my home for over 20 years and taxes and insurance have since doubled. Still it's payed for and is quite small and reasonable, so it looks like I'll die there. A condo would be same cost if not more plus the aforementioned headaches.

    One of the conditions when I started studying with the JW's in 2000 was that I wouldn't sell my house and move into an apartment so as to 'pioneer'. The brother I studied with even went through the trouble of driving up with a business owner that does similar work as my shop does to sell me on the idea that JW's are normal people.

    Turns out the business owner is a born in and totally stuck in and the brother I studied with came in when vulnerable and now has too much to loose as well. Since my DA he told me we could no longer be friends.

    Anyhow my home is small enough to be a keeper and I'm still young enough to do the upkeep and repairs so good for another 20 years I hope. That and see the WT crumble or downsize dramatically.

  • pepperheart

    And downhill the WT will be going because now they are selling the family silver off they will have no reserves off and they must be short of money because you dont kick out 1000s of people from bethels around the world and close branch offices down if you are ok for money

  • Quarterback

    Yes, and now that the GB isn't producing calendars any longer, I suspect the cash donations will get lower.

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