Lloyd Evans, Philandering & Sex Slaves

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  • dehek

    Personally I think Lloyd is just another YouTuber and he's managed to make money out of making videos about a niche. He's written a book and he's found a way to get people to purchase it. So he's been living a lie and so many men. Don't agree with it but I don't think he's responsible for all the terrible sex crimes that are happening in the world.

    Personally I'm sick of living by a set of rules and being judged, I also don't believe in God any more nor do I have any respect for the Bible (sorry if this offends you).

    However I have a strong hatred for the Jehovah's Witness organisation not the people just the organisation for the wicked things that they have done the many people including myself. So anyone that takes it to the organisation I don't care if it's a Demon I'm not gonna hold him back I'm also not going to financially help you do it I think as a group we can all help each other.

    I manage to post a video on my YouTube channel about my story it was great to see it actually getting some traffic so it would be good for people to also publish their story as a group. I'm sure we can get more coverage that supporting Mr Lloyd and his one channel.

    That's my two cents worth. I hope you guys are all enjoying your life as much as we can in the last days of the last day of the last days. xx

  • shadowclone


    I have a child that is also a survivor of CSA. I completely agree with you that these are monstrous crimes. My child still is physically alive, but soul crushed before ever having a chance to really live.

    Best wishes to you

  • Marbles

    @dehek, good luck with your You Tube channel!

    First of all, I do not believe the Bible is true, so you have not offended me. I was never a JW, only a Bible student. To be fair to Lloyd, really would require being unfair to myself, as a woman and CSA survivor. But there is such a thing as "extra care" and over compensation for people who have suffered the lies and indoctrination of a cult. For instance, JWs were encouraged not to get higher education (lots of people do live without it though) and not get higher paying jobs as a result.

    Everyone needs to make a living, including Lloyd. This is not time for him (or anyone) to be screwing around with prostitutes, partying it up, etc. If I had a lot of money, as so many people do, I would be using it to care for the poor, suffering and needy, even a small colony of semi-feral cats living in a cold, desolate forest (which is what I am doing, actually). But he does need to make a living lest he become poor and destitute himself. He is skilled at what he does. But in light of the recent events, he is not really working for a good cause if he is spending his money on debauchery. The money needs to go to his household and family. Second, his reasons for his work seem wrong. It seems as if he is taking revenge on the Wt for kicking him out. They have evidence against him, so now he has evidence against them. It's like a game of chess between himself and the WTS. These are not right reasons. Men like him generally do not change, but if he wants to succeed, he has to change and understand the concept of "duty of care." Duty of care is what you do to care for someone who clearly needs you. And you do it for that reason alone, expecting absolutely nothing in return.

    Being an outsider does not mean we have not suffered the ravages of the world, but I have to say, I am very hurt and sorry to see some of the things JWs are going through that are unique to them.

    @shadowclone- yes you have taken the words right out of my mouth. Being a CSA survivor as an adult means something like facing death knowing you have never truly lived. It does feel that bad. This really does not seem fair to us.

  • Vintage

    Hi, Marbles. I've appreciated your posts. What you've said even serves me as research information. I recently had a long correspondence with a Christian man who could not see my point about polygamy being a sin for Christians. He referred to a text showing that some early Christians were slaves. Then, earlier this evening, I thought, "Well, if a woman in a polygamous relationship is actually a "sex-slave", let's call the police!" But the Christian man has finished with talking to me about the subject, so I doubt I'll be sharing my epiphany with him. Anyway, you've obviously given deep thought to this subject.

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