Got in a bad wreck.....uuugh

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  • PlatinumFix
    Hope you feel better soon dude
  • tornapart
    Sorry to hear about your crash brandnew and I know having bikers in the family what the bike means to you ('my baby's dead', was my son's reaction after a crash)... but I'm glad you're all in one piece still even if you're hurting right now. Hope you recover soon... and your bike too!!
  • brandnew

    Awwwww platinum, and tornapart......yes her name was BLU

    she was my BOO😒. Her legacy will go i take the tarp off her big sister . Im still too sore.....but im sending my harley to the shop for a tune up, and some new shoes.

    Thanks for caring y'all.

    Mad Puppy

  • brandnew

    Took the tarp off......she's gonna get some tires, and a tune up.....she's a good ol girl..☺
    Mad Puppy

  • brandnew

    ALOT imma need my strength back.....maybe in a month or so.

    Mad Puppy

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Wow, great Harley.

    What cc is the engine?

  • brandnew

    @loven hates.....shes a 1535......big hawg.......she's a caddilac on the highway.........and she loves gobblin gasπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Ouch!!!!!! Still hurts to laugh dangit!!!!

    Mad Puppy

  • brandnew

    In this lil town in puerto rico, everyone know i was big news. NOT ONE!!!! person from pop's congo asked how i was doing. Not that i give a

    I would like to say πŸ˜‡THANK YOU πŸ˜‡ from the bottom of this puppys heart everyone on this forum . I truly feel the love , and concern.

    Loved Puppy

  • Sabin

    WOW, BrandNew, that is definitely one ride I could straddle!

    The Harley's not bad either. LOL.

  • 20yearfader

    get well soon brandnew I always said it takes balls steel to ride a cycle in America

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