Canada Legislature passes new bill for the protection of Transgenders. Will this mean the end of shunning policy

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  • Quarterback
    Since shunning is looked upon as a form of Hatred crime. I wonder if these changes may alter the shunning practices in the WT world
  • raven
    Interesting.. Where did you see the article for this? What does this bill do? Protect the trans from being discriminated against? I highly doubt the WT will change any of their shunning practices of DF'd, DA'd, or inactive ones, although they claim it's not shunning.. I'm sure they'll go with something a long the lines of how society can change but God doesn't.
  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    No. (Haven't read the article)

    If really needed they'll change the wording on shunning policy to say it's a matter of conscience to avoid bad association. And then they'll counsel everybody until their conscience is aligned with the corporate shunning policy.

    Just like in Bulgaria they promised the government that dubs would have freedom of choice in all medical procedures, including blood transfusions, without DFing or judicial action. And since then the policy is that everybody who accepts blood DAed themselves, unless 2 elders (not a JW!) deem the offender repentant.

    They will find a way to make sure they continue to spread ignorance, hate, prejudice and bigotry without their official policies saying as much black on white

  • dubstepped
    Nothing will ever change it. Shunning isn't just an organizational mandate, but they see it as Biblical, just like the two witness rule. No governmental organization will change it. They can change things like house to house records, as that's not in the Bible, but shunning is here to stay.
  • Quarterback

    I haven't read the contents as yet, since it was recently passed.

    It is intending to protect TG from the use of Washrooms of their choice, and persecution

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    Why not keep it simple and build single occupant restrooms?
  • steve2

    No. Individuals choosing to shun others does not constitue a hate crime, whether framed as religious or otherwise.

    Human rights legislation seldom supersedes religious beliefs.

    Imagine if you were forced to have contact with certain individuals that you genuinely believed were undesirable company.

    I appreciate that organizational shunning feels like a hate crime but JW org has been scrupulously careful to state they do not hate ex-Witnesses and their shunning is an attempt to uphold their "Biblical" standards. Besides, they can produce literature that shows they want shunned members to repent and return. Their mantra is, we hate what you have done, not you.

    Sure, I know it is all white-washing of a hugely damaging policy - but in no way can individual members be forced to ignore their "consciences".

    BTW, in New Zealand, there is an increasing trend towards unigender restrooms so it is not an issue.  

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    BTW, in New Zealand, there is an increasing trend towards unigender restrooms so it is not an issue.

    By unigender do you mean restrooms for more than one occupant?

  • Simon
    By unigender do you mean restrooms for more than one occupant?

    No, you can only be one gender at a time while in there. No transformation surgeries allowed on site.

    I think single gender washrooms will be great. I don't make a habit of going into ladies washrooms but they tend to be much cleaner than the mens. Now I won't have to do my Emily Howard voice.

  • dogon
    The cult has a teem of attorneys working for them. They never DF anyone for any particular thing. Its some term that refers to not being clean in the christian congregation of some such bull shit. Although its getting harder for them to walk a line. But even so you would have a conflict of religious freedom and that rights of others. That said, I am not sure about Canada but in the states a religion has a lot of room to preach things that may not pass other areas. You may end up with what I think is known as a constitutional crisis.

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