Are There Many JWs That Have Actually Left?

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  • EyesOpenHeartBroken

    Hi Notalone,

    I hope that the scenarios you have posted become more the trend. Seeing whole multigenerational JW families leave WT, could wake up a lot of the more reasonable ones.

    Unfortunately, many of the born ins I see leave the WT seem to have never really believed in it from the start. Or they have "fallen into sin". Or they fade so quietly that it makes no impact.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    With soo many that have died and many more that have just left...with soo few new converts...with the cost of maintaining a Kingdom Hall going up...who's going to pay the bills? Yay!

  • pale.emperor

    A lot stay in for the social club and to keep their family.

    This is true. It was certainly true for me. The GB has to make leaving intolerable, how can they do that? By holding your family hostage against you.

    The warm fuzzy feeling is missed by me i must admit. It was nice to "belong" to something even though i had doubts.

    Young ones are dropping off little by little. I know 3 from the hall i grew up in that are living in sin and still are very much included in witness parties and family. They arnt being shunned despite the latest ruling from the RC to shun inactive ones. They faded for only about 6 months before doing this, their family must not want to lose touch which is fantastic.

    Im seeing a lot of apathy with most people though. The JW's are shooting themselves in the foot by being so "cliquey" because the ones not in the popular crowd are just leaving.

    I look forward to the death of this cult in my lifetime. At best it'll become a new religion in about 20 years.

  • minimus

    My daughter's generation of friends has pretty much gone the way of the buffalo. Or some are in just in name only

  • stuckinarut2

    The only real growth in numbers comes from born ins.

    Really, honestly, how often do we learn of a person coming in as a result of the witnessing work?? Very rarely....and those that do are generally 'disfunctional' members of the community, not average well adjusted people. Perhaps people in "need" of a sense of belonging, or some emotional reason.

    So that's why the organisation encourages children to be born now, and nurtures such ones with the propaganda videos....

  • minimus

    But their methods of witnessing is wonderful, no??

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