Why hasn't the WT spoken out as loudly about Islam as it has catholics?

by Bad_Wolf 10 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Bad_Wolf

    Muslims are now outnumbering Catholics. Could the GB be all talk, and afraid if they spoke out against them, the last words they would hear at one of their talks would be "Aloha snackbar!"?

  • waton

    wt is lam e. Babylon is greater than they admit. It did not fall in 1918.

  • millie210

    I wonder if it is because Islam "works" for them. It is scary and proves the end is coming quickly?

    In days gone by the Catholic church was the competition so its pretty easy to see thats the way early JW leadership viewed them.

  • Simon

    They recruit from Catholicism by offering an alt-religion for people disaffected by the mainstream church. They have little chance of recruiting from Islam so keep quiet about it. There's also the not insignificant consideration that being critical of Islam would make them a target both of Islam and of the west's leftists.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    The reason Watchtower has been so vocal against the Catholic church is that they see it as a very large tree with lots of low-hanging fruit. So they love to shake the Catholic tree to knock the ripe Catholic fruit into their baskets. Islam is also a large tree but the fruits are very high up and hard to reach and there are lots of hornets nests in it so if they shake that tree they risk inciting a swarm of hornets that will attack them. Besides, the rusty grey knife that they have does not work on - was not designed for - the Islamic fruit.

  • smiddy

    Good question Bad_Wolf

    ,The WT/GB identified the Roman catholic church / the Pope as the Anti-christ setting themselves up in opposition to Jesus christ as the vicar of Christ on earth.

    How about Islam claiming Mohammed is a greater prophet than Jesus Christ ? And arent they the Muslims the fastest growing religion in the world today ?

    And by all accounts they are making greater inroads into western society /Christendom with migration and refugee /asylum placements in an unprecedented scale as never before.

    And as pointed out by waton "Babylon The Great" did not fall in 1918 , but is alive and thriving in 2017

    Another failed prophecy uttered by the WT/GB/JW religion.

    How many failed prophecys does that make now ,I`ve lost count.

  • Laika

    The reason JWs don't talk much about Islam is for the same reason they don't talk much about Hinduism. They are primary a Western religion with Western leaders who know little to nothing about Islam or other Eastern religions and don't come into contact with them all that much. (They don't really know a lot about Catholicism either, but they think they do)

  • Chook

    The real reason is they are shit scared of getting their missionaries heads chopped off.

  • zeb

    I am reliably informed that as the literal dust was settling in 9/11 the gb were telling the slaves that those planes were meant for ...us. Oh they do take themselves sooo seriously. or to put this another way they are shit scared of Islam. The wt know they can bash away at the Catholic church knowing there will be now literal reaction. Perhaps if the Vatican was to whack a law suit on the gb for some of the things they have said then we might see a change of tack by wt.

  • Rainbow_Troll

    Christians have always hated each other more than any rival religion. It's not the utterly alien that scares people, but the familiar with a twist. Observe that the most popular monsters in fiction are no lovecraftian abominations, but vampires, zombies and werewolves.

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