Melita Jaracz

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  • hirotaka

    Don't read or post here very often anymore. Have moved on from all things JW from my former life it seems.

    Just an announcement to whomever it may concern that Melita Jaracz, surviving wife of form Governing Body member Theodore Jaracz, has finished her earthy course passing away yesterday.

    Simon, I don't know if you're still involved, but this site was invaluable to me when I was leaving the org. some years back.

    Thank you and all the others who have me guidance that I needed at the time

  • freddo

    Please post occasionally hirotaka ... it all helps.

    So Melita has gone to the great Hairdressing Salon in the sky eh? Perhaps she'll give Teddy J a big slap around the face now he's not her spiritual head anymore!




    How are you "Old Friend"?

  • hirotaka

    Great Outlaw life is good! And thank you for the nudge Freddo I will try to post're right it all helps.



    Good!..Stay in touch..

    You and I go back a very long way..

  • hirotaka

    It was discribed to family this way;

    '.........she's just boarded a train and is in the sleeping car. When she 'wakes up' the new system will be here......'

    glad I could never seem to sleep on trains anywhere in the world.....


  • joe134cd
    I have heard she was a bit of an ol hag
  • John Free
    John Free

    Hirotakasan hajimimashite yoroshiku! I saw the Jaracz couple while in Yokohama in 2003 or 2004. Theodore will be remember in the UK for his infamous appearance on the BBC panorama program in 2001 entitled 'suffer the children' as I remember.

    Its nice to meet you I sent you a pm BTW.

  • flipper
    HIROTAKA- Thanks for the information concerning her death. I hope life is treating you well my friend. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper
  • steve2

    Her husband was a fine looking man in his younger adulthood. She needed our sympathy that he got old, mean-looking and authoritarian in outlook.

    She is at rest, sleeping. Her end came before "the end" came - an outcome lost, again and again, on JWs who spend their lifetimes waiting for "the end" only to be met with their own.

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