[RECAP] Southern California day-at-the-beach

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  • Happy Guy
    Happy Guy

    Thank you to everyone who made it out to the beach yesterday. It was a fantastic event. By my count, there were about 60 people. There were ex-jw's, ex-orthodox jews, exmormons, an ex-adventist, and an ex-christian. Next time, hopefully we can get even more exjw's. I know you are out there!

    It was a beautiful day at the beach—a little breezy, but a perfect day to spend reveling with people who understand us. There was plenty of food, laughter, and compassion to go around. Here's picture of our silhouette against the setting sun.

    The number of cities represented was incredible! I'm sure I've missed some, but as far as I can remember, here is a list of the cities people traveled from to attend (from closest to farthest):

    Seal Beach

    Fountain Valley

    Newport Beach






    Los Angeles

    Monterey Park

    South Pasadena

    Temple City

    Santa Monica

    Chino Hills



    Santa Clarita

    Agoura Hills


    Frazier Park

    Bakersfield (!)

    Las Vegas, NV (!!)

    San Francisco (!!!)

    Yes, that's right. Someone from San Francisco booked a flight and a hotel to attend this event. Wow!

    The next event like this will be on Saturday, September 10th. Mark your calendars!

  • gma-tired2
    I wish I was closer lived in So. Cali and central Cali Cali until A few years ago but now live in Florida. I cant help wondering who was there I might know
  • Dagney

    Wow! So sorry I missed it. Something unexpectedly came up. Dammit.

    Nice turnout! Thank you for putting this together.

  • GrreatTeacher
    You west coast folks have all the fun!
  • ellaella

    HI< I am so glad I was able to attend. I drove and took off work and drove from Vegas down and can't wait for the next one. I had to leave early since we got too cold and will bring tons of blankets to sit on beach. I was only there about 5 hrs. but was captivated with the experiences of other church members I completely related to. For Happy Guy to put this all together I appreciate highly. Funny how listening to other cult members and seeing their pain and knowing they are not alone when they talked to me made it a great experience. I thank HAPPY GUY again and know I have more friends in this world because of this gathering. EllaElla

  • Heaven

    That's a very nice picture, Happy Guy. I really like it.

    Thanks so much for sharing this. Wish I could have been there. Instead I was in the office meeting up with a colleague from Newfoundland. He told us about 'Iceberg Towing'. I think this could be my next career move!

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