JWs are always the victims... Depending on where you're standing

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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Two WT pictures of an adult child leaving home, one to BE a JW, and one to LEAVE the JWs. In one, the caption says his family are 'opposing' him, but in the other he's apparently hurting them. Depends on where you're standing.

  • Simon

    Yeah, not so subliminal messaging:

    if you leave parents that are against the WTS, then you are escaping them (so wonderful dedicating your unpaid life-hours to the WTS service)

    If you leave parents that are pro-JW, then you are disappointing them (so selfish, getting an education / living your own life)

  • punkofnice

    This is how dangerous cults work.

    ....and all just so that Tomo the turd can buy booze and get rat arsed regularly.

    Not forgetting they destroy families so that they can protect child molesters.

    There is a pattern of abuse with them.

  • Biahi

    They love to have it both ways! 🤮

  • TonusOH

    That's been the approach for as long as I can remember. When you are not a JW, they urge you to 'have an open mind' and 'willingness to listen to other/new ideas.' When you are a JW, they warn you against the threat of 'worldly thinking' and the dangers of listening to 'false information.'

    Be as independent and free-thinking as you need to be, to allow the JWs to lure you in. After that, think only approved thoughts, or risk being removed from the group (an action which will be blamed on you!).

  • Smiles

    WT will even distance believers from other believers to better serve the cult. Bethelites, missionaries, circuit workers, SKE pioneers, JW children ... all encouraged to leave home, leave jobs, leave believing family & friends to pursue greater "privileges" and "assignments" in the cult work.

    WT wants to have the dominant relationship in your life. They word it as "putting God first", or "seeking the kingdom first"... but in reality, all that terminology means is Watch Tower first.

    If your gag reflex can handle it, here is a video sample of narcissistic cult rhetoric on full display by a JW leader, Kenneth "New Boy" Cook:

    "What Price Are You Willing To Pay?"


  • Smiles
  • LongHairGal


    Your referring to them ‘distancing believers from other believers’ just highlights to me the class distinctions within the Witness religion. I was well aware of those class distinctions back then when I was criticized for having my full-time job.

    I was considered an outcast and ‘not spiritual’ 🙄 because I didn’t ‘pioneer’. They made sure I was ignored and not invited anywhere…But, I paid no attention to all the criticism.. And when the time came, I Retired..Hopefully today in 2022, all these self-righteous critics who wouldn’t be caught dead with a full-time job..can pay their bills.

    If these people are needy/can’t put food on their table they BETTER call someone who cares, namely their so-called spiritual friends who they should have on speed dial.

  • Foolednomore

    I too was looked down upon for getting an education and having a business. I was even told I was not spiritual enough since I was not reaching out/ pioneering. But I had the sense to see that no one and I mean no one is going to take care of me and my family. Besides, I believe in work. Someone needs help I help to get them on their feet. But don't expect a freebie. I had brothers come to me before I faded and got successful, come and ask for a hand out since they where pioneering. I have had so many business ideas pitched to me by brothers that your head would spin. Find most Jw's don't really want to work,but want easy money. In the Real World nothing is easy.

  • Smiles


    Very true. Good on you for staying true to yourself and planning ahead for your future needs "in this old system"

    If a JW decides to continue PIMO, they would be wise to imitate your strategy in order to limit future setbacks.

    But long-term living PIMO "sucks".

    Better quality of life in being true to yourself, and devising a safe exit strategy toward POMO freedom.

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