Time to Change my Avatar (after nearly 15 years)

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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog
    Same here! I kept reading and rereading it, thinking Perry was talking about himself in the third person as a 'mature pet raised male'. Great minds think alike 😜
  • Perry

    How did this thread change into a female discussion about the "wild caught male" vs. the "pet raised male" ?

    Perry, I'm relieved. I thought you might be a repressed transsexual...lol
  • Diogenesister

    Why did you sell her? I thought she had died at first and I know parrots can live to crazy ages- 150 years or so? Or am I wrong ( perhaps I'm getting confused with Treasure Island I think Black Beards parrot was 200years old, or so he claimed!Now you have the beard but lost the parrot!

    Gorgeous picture btw ! Your wife looks lovely

  • Perry

    African Greys live around 50 years. There are stories of the larger Macaws living to great ages.

    I sold my property that I was raising hookbills on, and moved to a small rental while I learned a new business. I sold all the stock, (more than 65 pairs) including my pet Scooter after I set her up with a "pet raised male". She was laying eggs and seemed to be pretty happy with her new lot.

  • LV101
    Great Avatar/picture.
  • Diogenesister

    Ahhhhh...I love birds they have such great personalities! My husband used to have a pet pheasant called Percy and a chicken called Mr Magoo who liked to watch TV. Apparently there was also a resident grumpy penguin nearby he used to hang out with sometimes. This particular penguin species usually live in colonies but this one just didn't like other penguins....I don't know what the penguin version of a misanthropist is...mispingthropist?!

    Glad scooter was happy though...she finally found " the one"!!

  • wannaexit
    NIce avatar Perry !!!!!!!!! I like it.
  • SAHS

    Well, we know that there’s certainly no way that your avatar could possibly be approved by the Watchtower! That’s because they would never publish anything showing the eye level of a female higher than that of the male. The WT will always show the eye level of the man to be at least a bit higher up. I mean, that’s their “guerilla marketing” campaign for their “headship principle.”

    I’m glad to see that you’re breaking out of the mold of the WT, if even at the totally subliminal level.

  • sparky1

    Goodbye Scooter........................

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