Giant Leak of Offshore Financial Records Exposes Global Array of Crime and Corruption

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  • wifibandit
  • JeffT
    Why would the WTBS bother with offshore accounts? They already have tax exempt status. The R&F don't seem to care where the money goes. I don't see who they need to hide it from.
  • Listener
    Jeff T - Even though they don't pay taxes they are still required to keep audited accounts. If they have doctored their books then there would be good reason to hide that money.
  • sir82
    Also, wouldn't it be beneficial to have money hidden, in anticipation of mandated lawsuit payouts?
  • Gorbatchov

    Amsterdam is a big connection to the offshore corporations.

    At one Lawyer address at the Keizersgracht, Amsterdam there is a registered corporation with the name

    Watchtower B.V.

    It could be the link to offshore activities.

    But they would be crazy using their own name.


  • notjustyet


    Also possibly would help hide assets that would be viewed by the courts to determine judgements for ongoing and upcoming legal battles regarding child sexual abuse.


  • Bugbear


    I don´t think that ”the Watchtower” as an organization would have any benefit from hiding their money (for the moment) from tax authorities….But Individual private person in control of the assets, could easily hide away large sums of money for example for future retirement if the org. collaps….

    It´s called money washing..

    No trace of the money no individual person can be charged


  • EdenOne

    It could be the case of stashing out cash in case future lawsuit losses... Declaring bankrupcy in the US and re-open with a new name...

    ups, notjustyet beat me to it.


  • KiddingMe
  • JeffT

    Lawsuit losses do not warrant trying to hide money in off shore accounts. The potential losses from lawsuits measure in millions. The WTBS has assets measured in billions. Unless they get much bigger, lawsuit payouts are not going to be that big a problem. Attempting to hide assets from the courts is a federal felony. I used to work for some one who tried it and ended up in prison for that AND tax fraud.

    You launder money when you have it via criminal activity. I have yet to see that the WTBS has done anything illegal.

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