If you have been FINANCIALLY ABUSED by Watchtower and want to go public, read this:

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  • AndersonsInfo

    Blake Ellis from CNN is looking for cult victims to interview for a story about FINANCIAL ABUSE committed by cults. You can contact her at: [email protected] or [email protected] if you are willing to go public with your story.


  • SAHS

    Isn’t it, well, ironically funny that on the official Web site at “http://www.jw.org/en/jehovahs-witnesses/activities/publishing/global-printing/” under “Where Does the Money Come From?” it still states the following:

    “The August 1879 issue of Zion’s Watch Tower, now called The Watchtower, stated: “ ‘Zion’s Watch Tower’ has, we believe, JEHOVAH for its backer, and while this is the case it will never beg nor petition men for support.” We still feel the same way.”

    HOWEVER, as we all know, they’ve been regularly putting in their Watchtower magazine all the myriads of ways people can donate to their organization (wills, trusts, bank accounts, real estate, life insurance policies, jewellery, cheques, stocks, bonds, conditional-donation trust arrangements, gift annuities, etc., etc.) through their Charitable Planning Office, . . . . AND, now they have their own ATM debit/credit machines conveniently located at all their assembly halls, AND, there are several contribution boxes at every Kingdom Hall for this and that and the other thing, AND, they’ve even published a brochure in English and Spanish called “Charitable Planning to Benefit Kingdom Service Worldwide,” . . . . and not to mention all the tax-free assets, free labor, diversified investments and hedge funds using several sub-company entities, . . . . etc.

    Indeed, . . . . well, . . . . just saying, . . . . Isn’t it ironically “funny”!

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    **We don't solicit funds**

    Then they go and turn around and print some donation tract to the Borg . Then they have all the congregations send in all their money but $5000.00.

    In a way that's financial abuse.

  • Vidiot

    "Now, we're not saying that we need you to send more money..."


    xxxxxxxxxx"...but we need you to send more money."

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