Is changing the "truth" / presenting "new light" really so bad?

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  • Zana

    Playing devil's advocate here...

    What's the difference between the GB changing bible interpretations compared to parliaments all over the world changing laws? Although the US constitution (=bible) remains untouched, Congress passes I don't know how many new laws every year. And of course people are expected to follow them. You can't tell a jury that this or that wasn't a crime ten years ago, so you can't be judged for it today. Yes, you can!

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Politicians don't claim a monopoly on "truth" and to be God's direct channel of communication on earth - but the org/G.B. does!!!

    Also, truth is truth - it doesn't change.

  • newdawnfades

    The problem with changing interpretations if you are the self proclaimed F&DS is you kick people out and shun them if they disagree. It makes it awkward to be credible as the chosen channel with that God given power if you then disagree with your own interpretation and do a flip flop.

    Doesnt stop it from happening though.


    HEB 13;8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

    MAL 3;6 I the LORD do not change. So you, the descendants of Jacob, are not destroyed.

    so, I guess that is a strike against the WTS policy of changing doctrine to fit their timing and membership drives.

  • Hecce

    People can oppose and change parliament if they don't like what they are doing.

  • prologos

    Using politics as an analogy to search for truth is lacking, for truth is understood to be related more to an understanding of the ultimate reality, whereas politics and the laws are just the struggles of a current ruling system.

    Wt's new truth, brighter lights "are really so bad", because they have caused so much unnecessary grief, even if they are not failed dates, false prophecies , think of the "superior authorities" debacle.

    What do you expect from evolving critiques of a badly written story, the fables in the bible?

    PS: it is just possible that the worst new light is yet to come.

  • notsurewheretogo

    Is this another troll post? As the OP's question is pretty stupid.

    Laws and doctrines are fundamentally different...the government who makes the laws does not claim to have God's backing or claim it is "the truth".

    Idiotic comparison to be honest. Sorry for being blunt.

    Just put it into perspective...1969...organ transplants are a disfellowshipping offence based on the reasoning, from the GB, that it is cannibalism (your body "consumes" the organ they said) and personality transplant occurs meaning you are not in full control of your mind.

    1980, organ transplants become a conscience matter based on blood.

    So lets now have the same situation but in two different times...a brother, who is a father, has a kid who needs a new heart to survive and it is 1979...he wants to remain faithful to Jehovah so the kid dies because organ transplants are a disfellowshipping offence.

    Same situation with another brother in the same hall, kid needs a new heart YET it is a conscience matter...the father agrees to the kid getting a new heart.

    One kid lives, one kid dies...both are deemed faithful and all because of "new light" "old light" shite...

    THAT is how dangerous it is and is NOTHING compared to changing a law!

  • sir82

    Nothing wrong with changing a teaching / interpretation.

    What IS wrong and evil is enforcing the acceptance of all teachings, right or wrong, with the threat of social isolation and alienation of affection.

    If the WTS teaches that "A" is true, but I declare publicly that "A is false, I will be disfellowshipped for "apostasy". I will lose contact with all family and friends I have ever known.

    The very next day, there might be a new Watchtower article stating "We used to think 'A' is true, but now we think it is false."

    I was right all along, but I remain disfellowshipped. There is no Watchtower apology, no reinstatement unless I grovel sufficiently, I remain a castout.

  • Viviane
    What's the difference between the GB changing bible interpretations compared to parliaments all over the world changing laws?

    Great question! All you have to do to know that is look at the difference between a parliament and the GB to get that answer.

    GB - not elected, no accountability, claim to be speaking directly for God, claim to have the only truth

    Parliament - elected, accountable, speaking on behalf of those that elected them, open to points of view, compassion, and compromise

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