If you went back in time, would you be a god?

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  • Sabin
    I love outlander, AAAHHHHH Jamie, what a man. I have the special editions on blue ray now. Yes I have read the books as well. Can you believe I threw them out, yes in the bin. Why I hear you cry, well I didn't want to stumble any one Another sister I know sold the whole lot for a dollar. What a first rate idiot I am. I did the same with the Tudor's gave all my D.v.D's away to a worldly, cause I loved them so much, well not the fourth season. Bloody hell, I cant believe it. I just love historical fiction.
  • Sabin

    Forgot to say, No I wouldn't be a God, I would probably be confused.

  • talesin
    Claire was lucky in that as a nurse of the time, she had skills in caring for wounds and other such things that made her useful. The books were awesome, haven't watched season 2 of the series yet, but OY OY OY, they are doing a great job.

    I'd rather be like Lisa Simpson and have my very own world (petri dish). : D
  • Finkelstein

    Just to comment on the Outlander series , its actually quite good, well acted, great photography and a interesting plot/ story line. It can be a bit adult at times so you might not want to watch it with children.

    To those that aren't aware, you can watch the entire series on Shomi , they have a two month free trial offer right now. It might also be on Netflix.

    Here's a link to Shomi


  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious

    Sure, you might be able to be seen as impossibly wise and intelligent to them. They might see that as supernatural. You could at the very least have started your own cult! A big cult.

    Eventually there would be questions you couldn't answer, problems you wouldn't have a solution for. Then you'd have to make up answers and talk out of your ass.

    Thats when you know you've started your own religion!

  • elderINewton
    I'd be a god, after I played the stock market and won the lotto a few times.
  • Andy Dufresne
    Andy Dufresne

    Maybe not a god, but some kind of wizard perhaps? You could even call yourself Sparlock! ;-)

    Arthur C Clarke's third law = "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic".


    If you went back in time, would you be a god?.....Simon


    .............................................................I WOULD INVENT BEER!!!!..

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