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  • TheLiberator
    Since I have left the Watchtower's dung behind, reading and learning has accelerated at an unbelievable pace for me. I am sure that is true for most here. I have always been a big time reader. But now it is an unsatiable thirst. When I was little, I would appreciate a four page article in the Awake! "proving" a creator. I put that in quotes because as I grew older, those four pages never changed. Same reasoning, little science, no detail. My mind needed more. Much, much more. I was sick of the watchmaker story!!
    Philosophy was always condemned in the Watchtower. But little did I know about the value of much of it. While I don't run with all of it, I realize that even for a Christian, it can help you reason on things that seem beyond the grasp of humans. It does have it's place. Some of it is very logical.
    The Watchtower is as shallow as vomit on the floor. I look through recent magazines just to contemplate the sheer emptiness of it. I get so depressed just thinking about how I accepted it.
    When I first read comments on here, I was very enraged with atheists, anti-theists, Bible bashers and so on. It took time for me to adjust. Why not just leave if I hated such talk? Well, unknowingly, it was this environment that turned me into a madman researcher. It moved me to do deeper research. The Watchtower was shallow on EVERY SUBJECT. Whether that be creation, Bible canon, even there own doctrine. I would never allow myself to retreat to such emptiness again. A quick Google search on page 1 would not satisfy me.
    This forum has really simplified things for me. Take evolution for example. I did want to research this with honesty. But where would I start? Which book would bring me satisfying answers to my questions? I need detail, not generalizations. I needed more than a simple biology book that describes the basics of evolution. I needed more. Much much more. What has helped me in this regard? Thank you Cofty. I have saved his posts on my phone. He has really done a good job in simplifying the whole thing. I believe if you just study each point, you will have a good picture of what it is all about. I have used each point to further my research. And I am not done. No, I do not use National Geographic as my source for study. I study many of the actual research papers. Then I read the many comments that people share on these sites. I then study the counter arguments in detail. This allows me to dive below the surface of what is being said. And I am absolutely amazed at what I have learned. Classic creation sites are not my sources for study. I use them, to learn there side and then research that.
    What I have learned, and I will admit is that Christianity has needed to catch up on what is happening in society. They have needed to catch up on so much of the science of our day. Why have they needed to catch up? It is because not too long ago people in general accepted the Bible as true. Science has accelerated at such a rapid pace just in recent times, that Christianity logically had to catch up with this. But the Watchtower never went beyond itself and its childlike reasoning on matters. But so many Christian apologetics have helped us to catch up on so many things. But even when it comes to these sources, I will not accept generalizations. I do believe that people's misunderstandings about things, makes them look like fools. I don't care if someone believes in evolution or they believe in creation. Both sides have those people that are shallow minded and they don't want to grasp the the understanding of the other side.
    To put it simply, being out of the Watchtower and being able to have the freedom to read sites like this has caused my mind to explode with so much knowledge. In fact I have learned so much in the last year that it truly has become like a "burning fire" that I want to share with people. Especially those people in the Watchtower. I want them to know that there is so much out here and there is so much detail that they are lacking.
    And so I just wanted to thank everyone for everything that they share on this site. Whether that information is something I immediately agree with or not. Each point has become a starting point for me in my journey to learn more. I have never felt so free.

  • LevelThePlayingField
    Well Liberator, I commend you on your research. Keep on keeping on. And don't let anyone stop you either. My hats off to you.
  • scary21

    I feel the same as you. I always loved reading and research. I love coming here to point me in the direction to learn new things.

    I also am a firm believer in researching both sides.. You sound like me x 20......good for you !


  • Phizzy

    A good Post The Liberator !

    I too followed a similar path as soon as I decided to lead an evidence based life. I learned the joy of studying formally forbidden or derided material.

    I did learn too that caution has to be used, I came across some "scientific" papers that looked like very good research, peer reviewed etc etc, but on closer examination they had not been published in the usual way, and the peers who were quoted were all academics etc who supported the hypothesis.

    These instances are rare, but there is some rubbish about.

    Keep it up, and, yes, it is so so good to be truly mentally free !

  • cofty

    I commend you on your research Liberator.

    A week ago you admitted that you were promoting a new religious movement that is "99% Watchtower".

    Is your research causing you to doubt some of that?

  • TheLiberator

    As my post stated, I am still a Christian. My fairh has been strengthen. When you are a Watchtower slave, no need to look anywhere else. My point being, that this place has simplified things as far as what to research. It is so easy to get swept up into naturalism, which is different than science. But when you peel back and dig through what has been accepted by pop culture, you find quite a different story. Even I had never heard of the Jesus/Horus story. Now I literally laugh. Bart Ehrman is another one. By means of careful words he misleads people to draw a conclusion that simply isn't true. It might be technically true, but that is where the devil is. That is the pattern I see when it comes to many lines of thought. Technically true, but not the whole story and that includes the points Cofty has outlined. People go out of the way, spending there whole lives trying to disprove a Creator and the Bible. That speaks volumes. Christianity is such an evidence based faith like no other. I feel it is the most reasonable of the worldviews. What I am finding, is that studying these things has lead to using critical thinking skills on a higher level, due to what I said about pop culture. No need to be fearful of studying any subject. If a person wants to, they can shut out all the"noise" that we are bombarded with, and draw the same conclusion. The Watchtower never gave me the faith I have today.

  • Heartsafire
    Congrats on digging deep. Keep it up and do spill what you find here. The JWs only teach faith to the Borg when you get right down to it. It gets easier and easier to point out the liberties they take in interpreting and adding to scripture. This WT study was a great example with false scenarios set up through "must have" and "would have" to explain certain biblical passages.
  • GoneAwol
    "Christianity is such an evidence based faith like no other." yep, still got a LOT of reading to do........
  • Phizzy
    I would recommend " The Bible Unearthed" as a good starting point Liberator.
  • cofty
    Christianity is such an evidence based faith like no other

    This is an oxymoron.

    There is no such thing as "evidence based faith".

    If you have evidence you don't need faith.

    Technically true, but not the whole story and that includes the points Cofty has outlined.

    For example?

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