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  • OrphanCrow

    Well...seein' as you brought up Lorenz, Bill, check out this interview that Reibling gave in Argentina concerning the future of investing in that country.

    Reibling identified the difficulty in moving capital into the country as an obstacle to investment.

    The org seems to be able to move money around without much problem. Maybe they took Reibling's advice.

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    Can't read Spanish. But the Sherlock Holmes famous line "elementary dear Watson" came to mind the first time I was following your post on bloodless sugary and viewed the utube of Lorenz in Argentina offering multiple multi million dollar funding. The NY State "Real Property Transfer Reports" released on this site adds up to $2,356,513,000 that is a lot of money that needs to be put to work. Rebling is a large amount money funder.

  • OrphanCrow
    Bill: Can't read Spanish.

    Neither can I, Bill.

    From the link (translated using google translate) and keep in mind that this is from 2015, 4 years ago:

    Lorenz Reibling: "Political change generates confidence in the future of Argentina"

    The president of Taurus, the successful international real estate developer, spoke with Inversor Global and commented on the current situation in Argentina. Do not miss out, because it can also mean an investment opportunity for you.

    Lorenz Reibling, president and founder of Taurus, was in Buenos Aires. During his visit, in addition to supervising the projects that are being carried out thanks to the developer, he gave an overview of the real estate at a global and local level. Global Investor spoke with the specialist, with special emphasis on the Argentine real estate situation.

    The chairman of Taurus referred to the difficulties to move capital that are "a feature of this market, which also presents many questions among those interested in channeling investments to Argentina."

    For this characteristic, although your business has grown, perhaps you have not done it at the pace you would have liked. "But we have achieved incredible things in that period and we see a generational change in the decision makers, which gives us a lot of confidence in the future of Argentina," Reibling confirmed.

    Why does Reibling's opinion matter?

    Basically, because the company led by Lorenz Reibling has invested more than 3,000 million dollars in properties in 16 countries on 4 continents, which manages through its offices located in Athens, Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Istanbul, Jacksonville, Munich, New York, Orlando, Toronto and Buenos Aires. In Argentina it has had a presence since 2006, its main investment being the Austral Park, the Scientific, Technological and Business Park of the Austral University.

    Lorenz is also an advisor to the "MIT Center for Real Estate Development" and sponsor and member of the "Liechtenstein Congress", whose focus is the sustainability of the cities of the future and beyond his business activity, Lorenz devotes a large part of his resources and time as philanthropist and sponsor in various causes, forums, books, publications, documentaries and films about the Holocaust, Resistance to oppression and Genocide. He is Professor of History and Theology at Boston College and a Member of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

    Argentina through the eyes of Reibling

    The founder of Taurus Investment Holdings explained to Inversor Global that what characterizes the Argentine market and is not repeated in other parts of the planet is the lack of available financing for real estate projects.

    "Also the prevailing system for commercial rentals is a unique feature. And, finally, the difficulties to move capital is also a characteristic of this market, which also presents many questions among those interested in channeling investments to Argentina ".

    In this line, and despite this context, Reibling's business has grown in the country. "Maybe not at the pace we would have wanted but we have achieved incredible things in that period. Our Austral Park project is proof of that. So are the buildings we are developing and designing to accompany the growth of the country's leading universities. "

    An investment opportunity for the future

    Finally, Reibling referred to the opportunity he sees looking towards the future in Argentina. "We see a generational change in the decision makers, which gives us a lot of confidence in the future of Argentina," he said.


    I was interested in what (and where) Reibling's main investment in Beunos Aires was all about.

    In Argentina it has had a presence since 2006, its main investment being the Austral Park, the Scientific, Technological and Business Park of the Austral University.

    This is Austral Park's website:

    Parque Austral is the ideal location for R&D companies and institutions that look to work in highly professional settings. Parque Austral fosters the development of new projects and ideas and promotes networking among execcutives, scientists and scholars.
    Inspired by existing international parks, it is the first scientific, technological and business park in Argentina. The Park was created in 2008 by Universidad Austral to provide companies with additional value by granting them access to tax and academic benefits, as well as to a community of more than 500 experts in management, economy, finance, technology and innovation, to name a few.
    Located within the Universidad Austral Campus, in Pilar, Parque Austral offers companies a safe environment with high quality services and infrastructure in beautiful natural surroundings.
    Taurus, a global company with more than 35 years of experience in Canada, the United States, Latin America, Asia and Europe, is responsible for the development and operation of Parque Austral.

    On the page about "Developer", it says this:

    The development and operation of the Austral Park are in charge of Taurus Investment Holdings, a global company with more than 40 years in the market.
    Founded in 1976 in Munich, Germany, as an investment adviser in "Real Estate" of high net worth families and financial institutions, it has become a leading global company with 2,000 million dollars in real estate assets and more than 1,860,000 m2 of offices, industries, residences, hotels and other properties acquired and developed successfully in the world.
    Experience in the market, local presence and access to capital have allowed Taurus a strong position as owner and operator of commercial real estate in the United States, Canada, Argentina, Germany and Turkey. With 56 projects and project portfolios, the company permanently seeks to update its inventory, capitalizing on select investment opportunities.
    In Argentina and the Latin American region, it operates through Taurus Americas are the photos that were selected to accompany the text describing the developer (lol! might as well get a plug in for the ol' WT):

    The Standish Arms Hotel Brooklyn New York USA

    And the location:

    Parque Austral is located on the 96-hectare campus of Universidad Austral, in Pilar, a district known for its highly productive development, generated by the more than 160 companies housed at the largest and most modern industrial park in the country, its highly educated young population and a growing number of academic offerings, as well as other services and entertainment.
    Strategically located on Ruta Nacional 8, km. 50 of Panamericana, it is only 40 minutes away from the city of Buenos Aires and Ezeiza’s International Airport. Route 6 is only five minutes away from the park. This route bypasses the city’s metropolitan region and connects the harbors in Ensenada and Campana with Route 9, which grants access to Mercosur through the Zárate Brazo Largo bridge and connects the park with the northern areas of the province of Buenos Aires and the provinces of Santa Fe and Córdoba.
    With an area of 27 hectares, Parque Austral is a unique opportunity for companies interested in a location outside of the city of Buenos Aires in a setting that fosters productivity, knowledge exchange and high quality of life.
    Located in front of the IAE Business School, meters away from the School of Biomedical Sciences, the Austral Teaching Hospital and the grounds where all undergraduate courses for the Universidad Austral are held, Parque Austral offers an environment of scientific and academic excellence.

    I checked the map and it looks like Reibling's investment is sort of within spitting distance of the org's project in Nordelta. The Austral Park isn't all that far away from the walled community that the org will be setting up shop in.

  • Vidiot

    Ten bucks says the GB plans to "rapture" themselves there if/when the Org gets its tax exemption yanked. :smirk:

  • Gorbatchov

    The Reibling connection, again.

    WT and Reibling seems a good team.


  • nowwhat?

    Well there's where the "need is great" money is going! Another instance of if the end is imminent ,why is this needed?

  • smiddy3

    Why indeed nowwhat ? why indeed .

    If that doesn`t wake up a few more Witnesses who knows what will .

    On the one hand they say the end is imminent and on the other hand they are building for the future ?

    Oh of course after Armageddon the GB members still need to live in an "OLD WORLD " luxury complex while the rank & file live in a field of pandas and lions etc.

  • waton

    May be wtBtS. INC applies the bible verse that says " Instead of iron-- Gold"?

    selling risky, low yield properties, investing in secure, areas? when not sure of divine protection, buy it?

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