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  • OrphanCrow


    Type: Special Projects

    Commitent: Asociación de los Testigos de Jehová


    Start Date: 2018

    End Date: 2020

    Surface: 19.300 m2

    Boulevard de la Plaza No 255, Nordelta, Tigre, Pcia. Buenos Aires


    The Jehovah's Witnesses’ Association retained CRIBA’s services to build its headquarters in Nordelta, an affluent Buenos Aires suburb. The project includes the construction of three residential and office buildings, a mid to large sized shopping center and an underground parking lot. CRIBA will also do landscaping work on the surrounding green spaces.


    Nordelta is one of the wealthiest areas of Buenos Aires.

    Costantini created in 1999 the capital city's first exclusive gated community, Nordelta, a refuge for wealthy Argentines looking to escape the incessant petty crime and noise of even the most exclusive neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. Home to some 30,000, Nordelta features medical care, schools recreation and shopping - a city within a city, sometimes criticized for increasing social divisiveness.
  • sir82

    A shopping center?!?!?

    What, Sister Branch Overseer is tired of having to hop into the Range Rover to go to the mall for her jewels?

  • OrphanCrow
    sir82: A shopping center?!?!?

    Yup. A shopping center. In one of the most upscale areas in Buenos Aires. A private gated community where property values are through the roof.

    And this org project isn't using volunteer labor - they have engaged an outside construction firm.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    God's own Property Investment Company.

  • dozy

    Start Date: 2018

    End Date: 2020

    Provisional Sale date: 2025?

  • truthlover123

    Argentina? Where Hitler and his gang were supposed to flee too? A gated community being built by an outside company? Well, if they had volunteers, they would know all about the location and news would spread.. is this a go to location if it gets too hot? Is there money that can be channeled to Argentia/ or has been? Someone suggested a few billion is missing, however that was verified, I don't know... but it does raise questions when this type of community is getting an extraordinary huge complex built... only the best!!! With publishers monies....

  • OrphanCrow

    Here is a description of the "gated community" of Nordelta:

    Segregation in Buenos Aires – Gated communities (Barrios privados)
    Beginning in the late 1980s, substantial parts of the greater Buenos Aires metropolitan area were transformed through private-sector initiatives. The key elements of this post-modern urban development process included new highway construction, the creation of private industrial parks, shopping centres and recreation facilities and the development of new gated residential estates in urban and suburban settings. Suburban developments alone cover an area half again the size of the city of Buenos Aires (Capital Federal). These major housing projects encompass several thousand housing units with integrated shopping centres.
    Nordelta is a private, limited-access city in the northern Buenos Aires metropolitan area. The district is part of the community of Tigre and borders on the attractive landscape of the Tigre Delta. Formerly owned by the state and largely unsettled due to periodic flooding, the land was privatized during the 1970s. A prerequisite for urbanization was the excavation of a number of man-made lakes, which raised the level of the adjacent building land by four metres. The original idea of a socially heterogeneous city for 140,000 inhabitants from all social classes was abandoned in the early 1990s in favour of the concept of a private city for 80,000 people. The necessary infrastructure measures were carried out with private-sector funding. The new building plan calls for the construction of several independent, self-contained neighbourhoods, each of which will represent a separate barrio privado. Three integrated public complexes with sport and recreational facilities, a shopping centre, schools and kindergartens are to be created at the same time. Each private city is to be built around a central lake with a highly irregular shoreline and an area of approximately 170 hectares. The Nordelta district also encompasses more than 300 hectares of green space. The area is accessible via a four-lane highway. Security checks are performed at highway exits and other entrances and between the neighbourhoods themselves.
    Nordelta exhibits nearly all of the functions of a complete city. The primary target group is composed of young families seeking a quiet suburban living environment. This new, appealing residential setting is also a product of clever marketing strategies employed by real-estate firms and the print media. One of the first neighbourhoods to be completed was the Los Castores estate in the North. The nearly 600 lots have an average size of 1,100 square metres. The La Isla estate to the south is the most exclusive residential development in Nordelta. Forty of the more than 270 lots have areas of over 5,000 square metres.
    The first new residents moved to Nordelta in 2001, and more than 100 households were established within the first year. By 2006, 1,500 houses were occupied by roughly 5,000 residents. According to current plans, housing for 80,000 people is to be ready for occupancy by 2015.

    And, a story about Nordelta:

    Story of cities #46: the gated Buenos Aires community which left its poor neighbours under water

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    As you say truthlover, sounds like the dream palace hidey-hole in sunny Argentina for well heeled exiles on the run.

    Much in keeping with the bunker mentality recently fostered in JW propaganda. . .

  • Spiral

    Yep, sounds like an escape plan to me. If it's not needed, it will be worth a lot of money or be a great source of income (because it will be built professionally, and be appropriate for its location).

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    See OC post on Lorenz Reibling utube clip on having multiple multi million funding for worthy projects in Argentina.

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