Preaching work ? could it ever be completed ?

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  • blondie

    proplog2, you bring up some interesting points. Reminds me of the Bible Students.


  • Nosferatu
    The Watchtower has correctly realized that the separating of the sheep & goats has not happened yet.

    When the hell did they change that???

  • dmouse

    Like Hamas said, 'do the math'.

    Preaching to the 'entire inhabited earth' is impossible. If only because new humans are pouring in at a prodigious rate...

    However, if I were a JW, I would reason that Armageddon would come when the preaching work was done 'to His satisfaction'.

    To a JW mindset there are answers to all objections viewpoints.

  • rocketman

    They have an "out" anyway - that not every indivdual need get a witness before the end comes. Also, they'll count something that makes the news as a witness. A few years back, there was an incident in India involving jw students in school and, if my memory serves, some issue of nationalism. It made the papers there, so they figure, hey, those folks got a witness.

    They also quote Jesus' words "you will by no means complete the circuit of the cities of Israel until the Son of Man arrives*" and apply it to this dilemma.

    *Funny how they apply the word "arrives". At times, they apply it to Jesus taking up Kingdom power in 1914. Other times, they apply it to his 'arrival' in executing God's enemies at the big A.

  • Elsewhere

    The worlds population is growing at about three people per second.

    This means that the JWs would first have to meet the rate of three contacts per second in order to cover the new births, then they would have to take on several more contacts per second to make up for the existing population.

    For the JWs to contact all of the new births that are occurring at three per second, that means the 6,000,000 JWs in the world will have to contact 94,672,800 people per year. That comes out to 15 people per year per JW. Keep in mind... these are just the new births... not the people who are already here.

    Once the JWs are done with the new births, they will need to take on the existing people... about 6.3 billion. That comes out to about 1050 people per JW per year. Add in the new births and that is 1065 per year, or about 3 per day.

    Now I think they could do it... however it would require that every last JW give up their careers and start traveling the world. Using JW logic, that should not be too great of a sacrifice, given it would bring on the big A and paradise. Sure, there is the pesky problem of regions in the world that would slaughter them by the truck load... but hey... they will be martyrs for the lord and get all sorts of special goodies in the new system, right?

    Hold on a second... if they all start getting slaughtered, that will throw off my "Three People Per Day" figure.

    Damn, I'm gonna have to get a bigger calculator.

  • Joker10

    JW's don't preach to little babies. :-D

  • proplog2


    They changed the sheep/goat separation work about the same time they straightened out the generation idea. They were on a roll with changes and then all of a sudden they stopped. I think they saw their king was in check. The other shoe never dropped.

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