Independence Day Was A Shame

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  • minimus

    This year Independence Day , the 4th of July, went mostly unnoticed. The weather didn’t help for many but besides that, the Day was looked upon by news media and politicians as very negative. There is nothing wonderful about America that should be celebrated! The USA is founded in bad, not good.

    It’s shameful.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    My right leaning news went back to the jingo and flag waving mode. The other side is we would be canadians given their ideas about revolution.

    Lots of fireworks this year and police are non existent.

    Both sides will not recognize that you can substitute upper class aristocrat and petty kings (african) for "white man " and get the same scenario.

  • minimus

    The Left diminishes family, history, patriotism, sexuality and so much more.

  • minimus

    A few Squad admirers expressed their disdain for what the 4th represents for black people in this country. They have turned Independence Day into a racial thing just as they do with everything else!

  • FedUpJW

    My take is pretty well summed up by this comment I read elsewhere.

    By every estimate the US has more than 390 million guns owned by civilians. Yet none of them are held to the heads of the anti-Americans who protest and riot about how terrible this country is, as a threat to prevent them from leaving and moving to any other country they feel would be better!

  • minimus

    Right, if u really despise it that much, leave

  • wannabefree

    🤔 independence day was good where I live. Weather, parades, tourism, picnics, family, fireworks.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    The Left diminishes family, history, patriotism, sexuality and so much more - I'm not sure about sexuality, but yes, the Left is trying to break up the traditional family and is also having a negative effect on free speech.

    Hopefully the Left will lose as more and more people see their sheer stupidity. I love the way parents are rising up against CRT in schools.

  • minimus

    The left diminishes sexuality by claiming you can identity sexuality whatever you decide. Not using pronouns is a way of subjugating a person’s sexuality. The expression birthing person takes the sex right out of motherhood. We wouldn’t want to offend anyone in the lgbt+ community!

  • WTWizard

    What has happened is that a few rogue groups have seized control of this country, not the least being the Fed. You have such as the ADL, all those "federal" agencies, and so on demanding the laws that prevent freedom of anything. These groups "protect" those minorities that are "offended" by anything, which is responsible for shutting down everything. Then you have big companies censoring everything, which doesn't help.

    One result is stupid "holidays" replacing the traditional (and important) ones. This Juneteenth is just the latest--it will replace July 4 and the summer solstice (one a patriotic holiday, the other a major pagan holiday) with garbage. Already we have Communist Day on the third Monday in January, along with Kwanzaa that replaced Lammas Day (being moved way out of place and badly corrupted) and Christmas and New Years. These bogus or corrupted holidays are celebrated, not along with, but instead of, the real ones and are intended to use "racism" to ruin our holidays.

    And what is there to celebrate in 2021? America was founded, not with mandatory vaccines and face masks, but with the idea of freedom. The Declaration of Independence from Great Britain was signed on July 4, 1776 despite what anyone might say about 1619. We have an agenda to exterminate the whole white race for bogus crimes (which were ended when slavery was abolished in 1865). We are going for mandatory vaccination for a disease that is about as dangerous as a regular cold, where such vaccine is extremely dangerous.

    Yes, many black people were kidnapped against their will and sold as slaves. Why not find out which group was responsible for this, and make them pay for it, instead of vilifying the whole white race, the majority of whom would have been fine had the blacks simply been left alone instead of being sold as slaves? And as for those coming from Mexico and points south to destroy this country, why are they being welcomed in so we can change our culture for them? And, why do we keep getting politicians forced upon us that force us to take them all, when it is blatantly obvious that they hate freedom? So they can keep coming in to complain about our country?

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