Simon this website is not functioning properly. I can not login or logout and the captcha is broken!

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  • macys
    It took me about 30 minutes to login. I tried from my school wifi, my iphone and my ipad. All it says at the bottom is waiting for gstatic and the catpcha thingy just is frozen. It is getting worse and worse and now I can not even log out! Can you please fix it?
  • Simon

    Sorry for the issues - that sounds like the captcha service may have been having some issues. Unfortunately it's a necessary evil as it helps to protect accounts against brute-force attacks.

    I have an improved sign-in system done as part of the new site that I hope to complete and roll-out once I've finished some other projects (my day job). A big change will be letting people sign-in with existing accounts (like Gmail, facebook etc...) which I'm sure will be easier for most people.

    Note: it won't expose your identity from those providers, it's just for authentication.

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